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Blighted ovum - the waiting game

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Lynds4y Wed 03-Aug-16 06:49:07

I thought I'd share with you my story and see if any of you have had anything similar, but also to raise awareness of a type of miscarriage that I wasn't even aware of, and that it is always worth mentioning to your doctor, midwife or nurse the slightest thing you think might be unusual.

So yesterday was a pretty sad day. I was sent for an early scan at 11+4, less than a week before my dating scan as I had some bleeding (very slight, and not bright red) and a few pains which as you know are both very common in pregnancy and usually nothing to worry about.

So we arrived at the EPAU, mostly filled with excitement, chatted to a lovely nurse about my symptoms who said herself it's probably nothing to worry about. (Although she did say obviously there could be two outcomes today, good or bad.)

We were then taken in for the scan, and after a few minutes the worst possible outcome was confirmed with one sentence "I'm really sorry, but it's not good news." It was then explained to us that the sac inside me was empty and I had misscarried. My initial thoughts were "What is she talking about 'it's empty' I'm pregnant?" and "I haven't had much bleeding, how could I have had a miscarriage?".

Heartbroken and confused, me and my parter were given some time alone to take in what we had just been told.

After this, everything was explained to us by the lovely nurse from earlier. She told us that the sac was misshapen and that everything had stopped growing at about 7+6, and anything that had grown previous to this had been reabsorbed by the surrounding tissue early on, the reason why the sac was empty (sorry that I can't explain more accurately). She explained that my body is yet to realise this, which is why I'm still waiting to actually MC.

Now there were options, I have opted to waiting for it to happen naturally. But then there's surgery, either awake or under anesthetic, and also a tablet that could help start things along at hospital.

I've been told the pain of it all happening can been between period cramping and contractions, and now its just a waiting game.

Have any of you been in this position? How long did you wait? I'm also not sure what to do about work, they've been really supportive and are not expecting me back anytime. But when is the right time to go back?

Sorry such a long post, and thanks in advance!

Lyndz711 Sun 11-Mar-18 19:29:52

Hi, I know it's been a few months since you posted this but the same thing has happened to be this week. It's just a bit of a comfort to hear someone speak out about it and to know I'm not the only one who's gone through it. I've actually got to go for another scan next week just to confirm it but I've been told it could all happen naturally between now and then. I'm not sure I want it to though. I'm guessing it isn't a very nice experience. How are you a few months on?

Lyndz711 Sun 11-Mar-18 19:30:26

Sorry just realised this post was from 2016 not 2017 x

missg1983 Tue 13-Mar-18 13:47:25

Hoping for some advice before my sechuled d&c so unsure how far pregnant I am very irregular periods pcos have had 5 healthy pregnancies and this one came as a shock on 1st Feb 2018 I got a positive test 1 week since conception (clear blue digital) normal dip stick one was faint line and after a week was stronger. Had some slight bleeding throughout (no different from my other pregnancies) anyway before booking in with midwives for history etc was referred to EPU. Went to EPU 13 Feb 2018 to be told approx 5 weeks sac nothing visable inside substancial bleed around the sac (again have had this previously) had bloods and hgc was at 3,500 went back 10 days later sac doubled in size but shape was now irregular consultant was certain she could see the start of a yolk sac but nothing else... rescan 13 days which was 9th march 2018 was scanned and immediately told sac had not grown (even though shape had returned to regular) nothing visable not a yolk or embryo nothing I've had no pain no masses of blood and all the usual pregnancy symptoms infact watery blood on occasion but I have cervical issues and that happens between periods anyway. I was ushered into a side room and told I was having a missed miscarriage and that I'd need surgery as it's clear my body isn't responding to the fact the pregnancy has ended. I was devasted had to go back 2 days later for mrsa tests paper work and bloods I then got a call yesterday 12th March 2018 to be told my bloods doing funny things so they want to rescan today 13th march 2018 to ensure what they told me is correct any how. I go today for the scan was informed hcg is 17422.06 which has increased alot and on rescan the sac is still empty and grown 1mm in the 3/4 days since the scan when they told me the pregnancy has ended. My womb tilts so all scans were internal. I have today had more bloods and signed consent for the surgical removal. I feel awful I'm still having the usual symptoms and am struggling to accept it even though I could see for my self no baby remains. I was never even told a due date although I saw a edd of 1st nov 2018 on the computer screen today. My question is is it normal for hcg to rise yet a pregnancy to be ended 2 plus weeks like there saying. There saying for a level high like over 17000 a baby should definitely be seen... has anyone had any sucess stories should I let them do the op I'm just in shock and can't accept this situation at all.... sad tia

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