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Still struggling after miscarriage

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KazG71 Mon 01-Aug-16 17:43:51

It's been while since I posted because tbh I have just been at home feeling sorry for myself. Been over 2 weeks now since miscarriage and still not back to work officially. Really not wanting to speak to anyone atm that alone clients (I work for myself) and work just piling up. I did stop bleeding last Thursday and as it had been 3 weeks since oh and I dtd we decided we couldn't wait any more! Next day I started bleeding again sad . Really giving oh a hard time atm bless him....he just wants to try again and put this behind us and he doesn't seem to understand why I can't stop crying. Yes I want to try again but...scared of it happening again and it will never ever take away the hurt and pain I feel right now. Anyway just offloading. Thanks guys x

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LottieL Mon 01-Aug-16 17:57:33

I'm sorry you are suffering. I miscarried in April and so I know how you feel.

Take the time you need for yourself but (speaking only for myself) going back to work helped me as it made me focus on something other than how utterly terrible I felt my life was, and I work in an office that is 80% women who do nothing but talk about their kids. It was hard at the start but got much, much easier and it was something to get up for, a way to push the loss from my mind, if even for a few hours at a time, so that I could start to function again.
Ultimately you've got to do what you need to do; be it rest, talk, cry - whatever you need, do it! But maybe give normality a shot too. It may just be the focus you need to help.

Be kind to yourself, whatever the case xox

NeverGoOutOfStyle Tue 02-Aug-16 12:39:34

I think I know how you feel. Today is 5 weeks since I found out I was pregnant, and a month since my EPU appointment where I saw nothing and they told me I was probably having a miscarriage. It's just not getting any easier. I cry less but I have all these sad and empty feelings that I just can't do anything with, you know? DP is quite good generally, but he already has one DS and I think his DS makes it a bit easier on him, sometimes its hard watching them together knowing I lost our DC.

It's just this ever present feeling that only goes away, if there's something really immersive to do where I can just not think for a little while it kind of goes away. Generally it's always there though it's worst when I'm alone or when I'm trying to get work done for uni.

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