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Is this normal re bleeding (tmi warning)

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Snowflakes1122 Sun 31-Jul-16 14:19:13

I think it's terrible epau have made you feel like that. I can understand why you haven't much faith in them if it's not he first time you've had bad dealings with them. flowers

If you need them, you might find your doctors have more time and sympathy for you than epau anyway. Mine were lovely.

Good news your test is faint. It's a step nearer to getting back to normal for you.

Keep an eye on the blood loss, and eat plenty of iron rich foods so you don't become anaemic with the blood loss too.

sminkypinky Sun 31-Jul-16 12:38:45

Thanks for the replies, I'm sorry for your loss too flowers. I really want to keep away from the EPAU if I can help it as they made me feel like I was wasting their time/exaggerating all the way through this experience (I had a terrible birth experience with the same hospital 18 months ago too, so will have to rethink things if I get pregnant again)..

The bleeding is still at heavy period rates, but doesn't seem to be getting any heavier now. I did have some pretty bad lower back pain this morning, but that seems to have gone. Incidentally, I did a pregnancy test this morning (just curious) and the line was so faint it could only be seen if I tilted the test a certain way, so it does look like things are moving in the right direction. I'll go and speak with my GP if things get worse.

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EmilieR91 Sat 30-Jul-16 12:08:32

Sorry for your loss sad I had surgery two days ago for a missed miscarriage. Sorry your week has been as bad as mine!!
A year ago I had the same as you, heavy bleeding and a trip to A&E. The bleeding slowed down when I got there, they gave me an appointment for a scan giving me the all clear. I ended up bleeding again really heavily at home, was changing my pad every half an hour and it would gush with huge clots when I stood up.
I went back to A&E and was kept in for observation. They booked another scan and they STILL said that it was all fine. It wasn't until i was actually lying on the couch, about to have an internal scan, that a huge gush of blood started and the sonographer got a consultant to come and see me. It was only then he could see tissue on the scan (an internal wasn't even needed, he could see it normally) and I went to theatre an hour later.
So, from my experience, you know your own body. If you think something isn't right then go with it. I had two people look at my scan before a third person actually picked up a problem. Don't feel like you're overreacting, go with your gut feeling.

Snowflakes1122 Sat 30-Jul-16 11:54:08

Sorry for your loss :-(
Definitely get in touch get with epau, at least for their advice.

How are you feeling in yourself? Any dizziness/feeling faint? Drowsy? Very bad pains? Any of these signs I wouldn't wait around but would go in.

In terms of pads, maternity pads are usually best for miscarriage.

Hope things get easier for you

sminkypinky Sat 30-Jul-16 11:20:39

I started bleeding very lightly on Sunday evening, on Tuesday had a scan at the EPAU which showed a hearbeat/normal sized 6w pregnancy. On Wednesday the bleeding got a bit heavier and I passed a huge clot with lots of other smaller (about 10 pence piece sized) clots, so back to EPAU who said they couldn't tell if I'd had a m/c or not. The following day a scan showed I'd miscarried and that there was no need for any medical intervention as there was nothing/very little left.
The bleeding has got heavier each day since and I'm now passing quite a few small clots, I'm changing my pad about every hour/couple of hours. They aren't soaked through, but the flow is much heavier than I'd expect with a period, I'm not getting any pain with it. Is it normal for the bleeding to get heavier like this? Also, I'm using night time pads (always), are there other pads which would be more useful as these really aren't up to the job.

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