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When should I take a pregnancy test following m/c?

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Snowflakes1122 Sat 23-Jul-16 13:50:15

I had medical management in hospital 8 days ago. Ended up having an emergency d&c due to major blood loss.
Not bleeding anymore.

I'm sure I was told I should take a pregnancy test post treatment. When should I be testing?


Snowflakes1122 Sat 23-Jul-16 13:51:11

I was 13 weeks but baby died at 11 weeks.

AliBingo Sat 23-Jul-16 16:53:48

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

I was told to test after either two or three weeks, I forget which. Ended up doing one every few days and saw the line getting fainter and got a complete negative about 10 days afterwards. (Just used a pack of cheapies from Amazon)

Snowflakes1122 Sat 23-Jul-16 18:18:30

Thanks. Will test soon. Just know it will upset me :-(

AliBingo Sat 23-Jul-16 19:39:50

It's craps isn't it. I wanted to track mine down so I didn't somehow convince myself it was a new pregnancy if I got a faint positive after two or three weeks. I felt a lot better when it went negative as I could then be back on track to TTC again if I wanted to, although still not sure if I could face that.

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