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Trying for another baby after miscarriage?

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Gemmaxo Tue 19-Jul-16 14:04:31

Hi ladies, so I recently had a miscarriage which me an my boyfriend are both devastated about, I am still bleeding now from it but once it does stop when would people recommend you try for another baby? Obviously I need to wait for my body to finish what it needs to do but it's somethin me an my boyfriend both really want, a baby. Can anyone share any experiences they have had after having a miscarriage? Can you get pregnant straight away and still have a healthy pregnancy? This was my first pregnancy so this is my first miscarriage and I wish to never go through that again which is something I'm also scared of happening (I was 7 weeks when I miscarried)

NeverGoOutOfStyle Tue 19-Jul-16 15:26:20

I'm so sorry you're going through this flowers, my own MC was confirmed just over two weeks ago (my first pregnancy and miscarriage too) and I'm still devastated but like you I really wanted to try again.

My GP recommend that I wait one cycle before we try again but from what I've gathered this is more for dating purposes than it is for any medical reason, so you can try again straight away unless there's a medical reason not to, there's lots of stories out there of women who have fallen pregnant again even before their first AF after miscarriage and there's no reason to think that you won't have a healthy pregnancy if you were to get pregnant again soon, I found the advice on here and the leaflets on the miscarriage association website really useful.

Pinksx2016 Sun 24-Jul-16 11:25:54

Hi,im sorry about your loss, they say to wait a few cycles due to after a mc you loose all your lining which the baby attaches to without that it can't do it successfully although I know a few who have gone on to conceive right away and it has been successful and some that have and wasn't I think it varies with each person I waited three cycles , and didn't get pregnant til a year later i do believe your body will get pregnant when it's ready,what ever you choose to do I hope it goes well for you xxxx

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