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Pregnant after miscarriage?

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Sophiehfz2805 Sun 17-Jul-16 00:04:55

End of may had a late miscarriage at 19+1 gestation. Since then ive had my first period which was 5days and i finished that july 8th. Me and husband have been ttc as soon as i came off and its been a week later now and got cramp and back ache? Could i be pregnant. Or is it too early? I also had light pink discharge few days after my period had finishes also, then changed to a light browny colour. Im just so confused sad someone heeeelp

Waitingformiracles Sun 17-Jul-16 13:20:39

Sorry for your loss.

The light brown discharge is most likely old blood left over from your period mixed with some cervical fluid. There is also a chance it could be ovulation bleeding if you have short cycles.

I'd say that it's very unlikely it's implantation bleeding as that generally
occurs 6-12 days after ovulation but most commonly around 10 days after ovulation.

If you have an average cycle of 28 days you would ovulate around day 14 of your cycle so would expect implantation bleeding around cycle days 20 to 26. If your cycles tend to be longer or shorter than this then that will vary slightly.

Remember that your loss has been quite recent and it may take a while for your cycles to return to normal.

It might be worth charting so you get to know what your body is doing a bit better and the best times to ttc or reading some books/ online about how your fertility cycle works. Taking charge of your fertility is a helpfull book by Toni Weschler which explains the cycle quite well and how you can work out where you are in your cycle. There are also loads of websites. Hope that helps.

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