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Has this happened to anyone else

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Sophiehfz2805 Fri 15-Jul-16 13:57:52

I currently had a late miscarriage at 19 weeks , around 6 weeks ago now. Had my first period since then on the 3rd of july, it ended on the 8th july. I've started to TTC, and since my period, today and yesterday i've been having a very light brown discharge, like a beige colour. But not lots of discharge just when i wipe or go toilet and see a small amount on my knickers.

Is this normal? Ive never had spotting or that before other than straight after my period when im coming off. What could it be? Anyone had this before and also is it possible it could be implantation bleeding this early? Its been a week since my period but ive been having sex since i came off. Just don't know what it could be. Need some help!! X

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