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Clearblue digital after late miscarriage

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LittleHeart14 Thu 14-Jul-16 08:23:10

Hi there

Sadly I suffered a late miscarriage two weeks ago. I was 16 weeks. I'm so heartbroken, as we all are, and finding it hard to process everything, but trying my best to focus on some practical things to help me and my family move forward.

In the meantime I have a question about Clearblue digital ovulation tests. Started using old monitor a few days ago to get in tune with my cycle again as it can be up to 90 days and we might like to try for another baby in a few months. Want to wait for test results first. The test detected high fertility and has continued to do so. I had to take a pill to stop the pregnancy hormone over two weeks ago now so I'm assuming it's correct and not picking up the old pregnancy. However, today I tried the new monitor I received after ordering more sticks, and it's negative. Is this because the old monitor is more in tune with me? Should I continue using that?

Last time around I got tired of using the test, and spending money on the sticks, as I was getting to cycle day (enter silly number). I then ended up ovulating during a honeymoon period when I wasn't testing. The test picked up the ovulation though (I felt a wee pop so thought I'd try it again) so was accurate for me. This time I'd like to be in a bit more control so hope to be patient use the test daily for a few months. But the new test has thrown me a bit! So continue with old?

Thanks for reading and hugs to you all smile

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