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Please walk me through what happens during Medical Management?

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Snowflakes1122 Tue 12-Jul-16 10:08:06

Going through a missed miscarriage. Baby died at 11 weeks.

I'm getting more anxious as tomorrow approaches. I'm going in for the first tablet, and back again for the tablets to bring on the miscarriage.
I will stay in hospital until it's all passed.
Anyone whose been though this, please can you tell me what to expect? I'm so worried :-(

Snowflakes1122 Tue 12-Jul-16 10:09:03

That's meant to say I'm going back again for the second tablets on Friday (after the first tablet in Wednesday)

Lilly948204 Tue 12-Jul-16 18:37:14

Very sorry you are going through this. I lost my baby at 10 weeks. I had it slightly different, went into hospital and had four tablets as pessaries, which I think are the ones you will have on Friday. Some hospitals do the first tablet and some don't. (I think they changed the guidelines to say the first one isn't necessary, but some still do it.) I went home after that. Within an hour I had spotting and mild cramps, at three hours the cramps were like contractions, incredibly painful and I was passing large lumps of tissue and clots. The nurse told me to just sit on the toilet and push when it was at this point. Unfortunately it affects your bowels badly as well (I'm only saying so you are prepared.) The pain was the worst I've every felt, I had paracetamol, codeine and neurofen but I was still crying. Hopefully the hospital can give you something stronger as you are staying in. The tablets also made me incredibly nauseous and have horrible shivers but I was boiling hot and splashing cold water on myself. Luckily this terrible part only lasted around 45 minutes. After that I could cope with lying down with a hot water bottle on my tummy and my back. 6 hours after the first pessaries I took two oral tablets and three hours after that I got cramps again (but no as bad) and pushed out a lot more large clots. In the following days I had cramps and bleeding on and off, it finally seems to have finished two weeks later.

It is a horrible experience, but it does help for things to be moving so you can start to move on and get some closure. After the miscarriage take time to rest and recover. I have only just gone back to work. It is physically exhausting and mentally draining xxx

sandy30 Tue 12-Jul-16 23:07:26

Hi Snowflakes, my experience was much like Lilly's. Luckily, as I was I hospital, I could get a morphine injection. After that, it was pain-free. Just let the nurses know when you need anything as they should be happy to be generous with pain relief etc.

Snowflakes1122 Wed 13-Jul-16 15:30:50

Lilly and Sandy

Thank you for the replies. I'm so sorry you both have been through this too.
I went in this morning for my first tablet. It's not caused any bleeding or cramps as of yet (5 hours now have passed)
I am back in on Friday now for the miscarriage. I'm absolutely terrified :-(
I have been warned about the pain, and told they offer the likes of Gas & Air and good painkillers.
How long were you hospital Sandy? Hope all is ok with you now?
Hope things are going ok for you Lilly now you're back at work. It's such an emotionally draining experience, so take it easy.

sandy30 Wed 13-Jul-16 16:20:50

Hi Snowflakes, I went at 10am and was out at 6pm. I passed nearly everything in the hospital, and by the following night my bleeding slowest right down. The hospital kept an eye on what I was passing to ensure the baby and sacred had come out, which was reassuring.

Life is good now. I had one more MC, then a healthy pregnancy. I promise this time will one day be a sad but distant memory x

sandy30 Wed 13-Jul-16 16:21:23


xBIBIx Wed 13-Jul-16 16:27:35

Hello, today I had medical management and thought I'd share the experience. It was not as bad or as painful as I thought. Was supposed to be 8w 4 days but lost baby at 7w 4d which I found out yesterday. I had 4 tablets inserted up near the cervix at 10am today and they put a tampon inside which you remove after 2 hours. By 1230 the cramps started, just like strong period pains which was constant not in waves. I took the co-drydamol painkillers they gave me then started bleeding around the same time. I had diarreah and nausea and felt cold one minute then hot the next. I just stayed in bed and not much came out until I got up or went to the toilet. At 4pm I actually passed the whole sac which was the size of a 10p piece filled with amniotic fluid and I could clearly see the foetus floating with little arms, legs and black dots for eyes. I am so glad I got to see him/her and I actually buried it in the garden and said goodbye. Still cramping and bleeding which I expect will last a few days.
Good luck to you with your experience.

xBIBIx Wed 13-Jul-16 16:43:21

I didn't mention that after they inserted the tablets at 10am they sent me home and this all happened at home...

Lilly948204 Wed 13-Jul-16 17:12:55

I hope it goes as smoothly as it can for you snowflakes xx

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