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frowner Wed 06-Jul-16 19:02:07

Hi, I had an erpc after my third miscarriage on June 6th. Had to go in for a scan today as still bleeding. Pregnancy test is now negative but scan showed an area approx 2cmx2cm of retained tissue. Had bloods done which didn't show infection so have been given the option of going back in for another erpc/d&c or conservative management of waiting to see if I pass it naturally. The doctor said there is a small risk of my fertility being affected if it goes on too long. My gut is saying wait a little longer but any advice/ experiences would be very much appreciated as I have to phone back tomorrow with my decision. Thank you.

frowner Thu 07-Jul-16 10:32:22

Just bumping. Thank you.

Granadilla Thu 07-Jul-16 10:55:01

Hi - sorry for your losses. I don't have any direct experience of this, hopefully someone will have some advice soon.

I'm currently going through my second erpc, and two weeks on bleeding more than I expected and much more than my first. And I have passed some sizeable clots too and am wondering if I have retained products too. I had erpcs because I didn't want to deal with the physical consequences of a miscarriage. So my personal instinct would be to get it resolved in the quickest and safest way possible so as not to risk future fertility or infection - so another erpc.

frowner Thu 07-Jul-16 11:18:34

Thank you for your reply and for sharing your experiences. I'm sorry that you also find yourself here, it's all so very unfair. I appreciate your thoughts, I'm really torn right now, as there is currently no sign of infection I'm thinking of waiting a little longer to see if I can pass it naturally but am also concerned about further fertility problems, not that I'll ever get my rainbow baby the way things are going.

JOMH1982 Fri 08-Jul-16 13:39:25

Hi, I had a ten month long miscarriage 18 months ago. I was discharged from my EPAU after saying I'd go naturally, so went out of the system. I ended up having an incomplete d and C six months after I started miscarrying, and another three months after that. I was worried my fertility would be compromised, but I did fall pregnant six months after the second d and C. sadly we lost that baby at 20 weeks, but my fertility was not affected after that timeframe. My advice would be to go with your gut and make sure you don't get out of the loop pathway-dise, as once toute out ira hard to Hey hack in again, and a ten month long miscarriage was horrendous xx good luck xx

JOMH1982 Fri 08-Jul-16 13:40:09

Lol, that's meant to say, as once you're out it's difficult to get back in xx

LostInTheTriangle Fri 08-Jul-16 21:46:21

Sorry you're having these added complications after an already stressful time. I'm in the same boat as you, unfortunately.
I still tested positive on an HPT 2.5 weeks after my ERPC 3.5 weeks ago.
The GP ordered a blood test and my HcG level was still 85. When I went back a week later (Tuesday) to repeat the test and see if levels were dropping, the nurse couldn't find a vein to take the blood. After two painful, unsuccessful attempts I lost it and walked out. I'm sick of this.
I was starting to bleed very lightly at this point. On the 3 day of very insignificant blood loss, I went to have acupuncture and told her to basically stimulate everything to make me bleed and hopefully send any retained products on their way. I had seen the acupuncturist during my pregnancy and know her and trust her.
Worth giving acupuncture a try unless you're very needle-phobic?
My 1st miscarriage was passed naturally and I bled for 3 months. A scan showed I had retained products and then after another heavy period, they went.
I've now had 3 miscarriages in total over the past 14 months, with 2 ERPCs in last 4 months.
Hope you get sorted soon.

KittensandKnitting Fri 08-Jul-16 21:56:17

frowner No experience of ERPC, all my miscarriages have been natural but I didn't want to read and run as it is such a lonely place to be.

So sending flowers to you OP and hope that you find the strength to make the right decision for you.

jomh & lost I have had four miscarriages this year and six in the past year, I'm so sorry to hear of your experiences, it is heartbreaking and leaves you utterly distraught, I hope things work out for you both soon, such sad stories flowers

frowner Sun 10-Jul-16 09:18:30

Thank you so much for all your replies and for sharing your heartbreaking experiences, it really is greatly appreciated. I have made the decision to take the conservative approach to see if things pass naturally, but I have a consultant appointment for two weeks time for a further scan to see if anything has changed. It's so hard to even begin to move on emotionally when you're still suffering physically. Thinking of you all.

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