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Missed miscarriage baby 12 weeks-how long before my body realises?

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Snowflakes1122 Mon 04-Jul-16 12:59:27

Just found out today my baby died some point over the weekend measuring at 11 weeks.
No bleeding or cramps yet. How long will it take my body to start the bleeding?
I've an appointment at hospital later this week, but I really hope things have at least started by then. :-(

HoggleHoggle Mon 04-Jul-16 13:09:17

I'm so sorry, that must have been so difficult for you.

Not my own experience, but my friend went though this recently and in her case the bleeding started 8 days later.

Sending you many good wishes.

idontlikealdi Mon 04-Jul-16 13:14:33

I'm sorry fr your loss.

When I had a MMC that was picked up at 12 weeks the baby had died at 8 weeks, so it can take a while. I had an ERPC instead of waiting any longer.

Snowflakes1122 Mon 04-Jul-16 13:52:03

Thanks for replies.
I'm unsure what treatment to go for when I get offered it. Any advice on the best method to handle it?

I've seen people wait, that some have Tablets and others have an operation. I'm scared by all choices.

I just want it to begin so it can be over if that makes sense.


user1466610292 Mon 04-Jul-16 17:34:56

Hello snowflakes, I am currently miscarrying, my baby died at 6 weeks but it wasn't confirmed until 10 weeks as a MMC. Unfortunately my body gave no sign of recognising this, I still had all the symptoms and no bleeding. Because they were worried about infection I opted for the medical management (tablets) the day after the MMC was confirmed.

As yours was a later miscarriage than mine they may recommend the surgery option over the tablets. Im not sure. My experience with the tablets was as follows. I went into the hospital, they took some blood and explained the risks to me. The blood was so they could check my blood type etc for if I needed a transfusion later - which was a bit scary, but luckily I haven't needed it. The doctor was lovely, going through everything with me and reassuring me that although it was very sad miscarriage is really common and doesn't affect your chance of a successful pregnancy later on. After that a nurse put four tablets next to my cervix, she gave me some paracetamol and codeine and said to take two of both as soon as I felt cramps start. I was then allowed to go home. Within an hour I was having mild cramps and some light bleeding. This continued for a while and then I reached a point, about three hours after, where the cramps got really painful and I had some fairly horrible side effects. These included severe nausea (although I wasn't actually sick), shivering but being way too hot and sorry for TMI but it also had a bad affect on my bowels. I basically had to sit on the toilet rocking because of the pain for about 45 minutes, the cramps were horrendous at this point and actually more like contractions, really intense and then a five second break and then really intense again. My DP called the ward and they said to take more codeine and neurofen but they weren't concerned about the level of pain! ( I was!) They basically said sit on the toilet and push, this will be the worst part. I passed a lot of tissue and large clots at this point. After around 45 minutes I was able to lay down on the bathroom floor, a hot water bottle really helped. After around another 30 minutes I was able to get up and go back downstairs. The worst thing was I had to take another two of the tablets (this time orally) 6 hours after the first. I was terrified that the pain was going to be horrendous again but actually the cramps were no where near as bad, but I did push out some more huge clots around three hours after taking them again.

Since then my bleeding has been on and off, if I'm more active it gets heavier and at certain points I have had cramps again and then passed another lump or clot, but this is happening less frequently now - I'm five days after the procedure now.

Im terrified of surgery, so given the choice again I would still go for this method. If you do go for the tablets I would say have two hot water bottles, one for the front and one for the back. Have a bucket ready incase you are sick and are already sat on the loo. And take as many painkillers as they say you can. I have read about some women not experiencing any pain and only light bleeding but I think this is quite rare.

It terms of coping emotionally I have no idea, I'm still trying to work that out myself. Intially I was ok, not taking things too hard but since my pregnancy hormones have started dropping I am finding it more difficult. A lot of tears, a lot of anger and wondering why me. Half of me never wants to get pregnant and go through this again and the other half wants to start trying again straight away. I was going to go back to work today but just couldn't cope (I'm a teacher which doesn't help) so the doctor has signed me off for another week. I would say keep busy but don't try to just forget everything and move on, because it really doesn't work.

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