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Is it normal to still be experiencing pain?

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user1466610292 Thu 30-Jun-16 18:46:41

I suffered a MMC recently, should have been 10 weeks but baby stopped growing at 6. Yesterday I went in for medical management, four pills vaginally and then another two orally six hours later.

About three hours after the first set of pills I was getting excruciatingly painful cramps (at the worst point these were very like contractions) and passing some very large clots and lumps of tissue. After the second lot of pills I experienced cramps that weren't as bad, but I passed some more large clots. I had reasonably heavy bleeding all of yesterday from about an hour after the first set of pills.

Today I have experienced a small amount of bleeding, lighter than I usually get in my period but I am still getting really bad pain occasionally. They don't feel like period cramps which sort of stay painful most of the time. These feel a little more like contractions with really intense pain for about 30 seconds and then it is gone (but nowhere near as bad as yesterday). I'd say it is happening about every 10 minutes or so.

I'm not sure if anyone will know but is this normal or something to worry about? I don't want to bother the ward again if this is totally normal, I was calling them loads yesterday already.

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TheFirie Fri 01-Jul-16 04:35:53

When I had my second MC at week 14 I had severe pain for almost a week until I passed one last large lump and that was it.
I am very sorry for you.

user1466610292 Fri 01-Jul-16 09:08:16

Thank you thefirie, I did seem to have a lot more bleeding after the worst pains yesterday, but it has calmed down a bit more now. Fingers crossed the worst is over.

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