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Think I'm miscarrying again

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sizeofalentil Wed 22-Jun-16 16:12:37

I'm 5wks pregnant (2nd pregnancy after I mc'd in March).

Am at work and have started bleeding - red blood, a moderate amount, not clots or lumps. I don't have any pain or cramps.

If I went to the doctor would there be anything they could actually do to help? Last time I mc'd I had to wait in a&e for 7 hours and the doctors were horrible just to get a referral to the early pregnancy clinic the next day.

Is there anything that can be done or am I better off going home and letting nature take its course?

Brenna24 Wed 22-Jun-16 16:18:12

I am so sorry you are goign through this again. If there are no lumps, clots or cramps it may not be a miscarriage. If it is, at that stage there is nothing they can do to stop it happening. They can't even see anything on a scan before 6 weeks, so can't even look that way. At best they can measure your HCG levels in your blood and se how high they are, then take them again in a few days and check to see if they are rising.

From my experience, the last time I had this happened I had a few cramps too. I took myself off to bed in the hope that helped. 2 days later the miscarriage started in earnest. The time before I just carried on as normal and it started almost immediately. The miscarriage before that one I was much later on and we had seen a healthy heartbeat and growth a couple of times. That bleed I went in and discovered the baby had been dead since a day or two after the last scan, so again nothing they could do.

Nothing can stop it happening if it is going to. But you may want to get it on your record in case they can do testing to see why it is happening (the stage I am at now).

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