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NHS Direct - really upset

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Enigma1975 Fri 10-Jun-16 20:56:38

I'm really really angry at bloody NHS Direct. Phoned tonight as had horrible abdominal pain (ERPC Monday) and, having explained the situation, miscarriage blah blah, got asked as a chain of questions.

One was 'are you pregnant?' shortly followed by 'have you had a baby in the last 7 day's?'. WTF??!!!!

Unsurprisingly I burst into tears. Am really cross. I realise they follow a script, but who robbed them of flipping common sense??!!!

toomuchtooold Fri 10-Jun-16 21:55:59

flowers. I remember this well - NHS direct are like some sort of trial by fire when you are miscarrying. I mean, stupid comments about MC can come from anywhere, but NHS direct seem to have all the insensitive that ggs to say...
How is it going? Have you had a missed MC - is that why you have an ERPC booked in advance? Take care of yourself, as the miscarriage may be kicking off by itself, in which case strong painkillers are probably your best bet (something with codeine ideally), and a warm bed to go to afterwards, as you will be quite shivery. NHS direct will recommend you go to A&E only if you bleed above a certain amount (basically if something has gone wrong) - they don't do a great deal anyway IME.

Enigma1975 Fri 10-Jun-16 22:01:03

Definitely trial by fire!

I had a missed miscarriage a month ago - medical management at the time, but retained tissue so had ERPC Monday just gone. Am trying to take it easy but I'm not very good at that ;-)

toomuchtooold Sat 11-Jun-16 05:51:49

Ah I see - I thought you meant it was booked for Monday coming.

I do hope it all clears up for you soon - know what you mean about not wanting to take it easy. I always wanted to get back to normal ASAP after mine.

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