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Is it a missed mc?

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Tammy86 Wed 08-Jun-16 08:38:25

Hi girls,
I've had slotting recently so was sent for a scan to be told I'm only 4/5wks although my LMP was 6th April putting me at 9 weeks today.
The sonographer was experienced & convinced my dates are incorrect but I'm now convinced that I've had a mmc especially when I did a pg test on 5th May which was + (my cycles are 28 days-you could set your watch by me)
Plus me & DH didn't have sex from 20th April until 29th May due to him working away and being ill.
Any advice please? Have to go back in 2 wks for another scan to see but I'm 95% that it's stopped growing. 😔

sugarplumfairy2010 Wed 08-Jun-16 16:35:55

Hi hun ive just gone through similar to you i found out i was pregnant the 3rd may i had a scan at 6 weeks and the baby measured 5+5 and baby had no hearbeat so i had to go back for another scan 11 days later. There still wasnt a heartbeat but the baby now measured 5+6 so i had to go back a week later. That was last thursday when i should have been 9 weeks and it was confirmed i had a mmc. I really hope your dates are out and your story ends differently. The wait between scans is horrendous.x

Waitandwine Wed 08-Jun-16 23:21:57

Hi Tammy, I had a very similar experience. I went for a scan at 8.5 weeks and was told that my dates must be wrong as I was measuring around 5. I also was to go back for a scan the following week, but nature took its course the day before the scan. Sorry my news is not a positive outcome, it's so hard waiting in between scans as you just want to know. Fx for a positive outcome for you as I read lots of stories of women who this happened to who have heathy babies now!

Waitandwine Wed 08-Jun-16 23:23:35


Tammy86 Thu 09-Jun-16 07:46:23

Thanks girls, I'm so sorry you've both gone through this.
The waiting is agonising. I'd rather just know one way or another. I've had a mmc before but I've also got an 11 year old boy so I'm grateful for him. Plus I'm grateful that I can actually get pregnant unlike many other women.
Hopefully I'll know soon but I'm not optimistic (I normally am, whereas my husband isn't!)
I'll try and come back on for an update. Thanks.

casiopeia Wed 15-Jun-16 09:59:30

Tammy did you have another scan? I cannot offer much in terms of positive stories, just to say fingers crossed, and hoping for miracles. I am in the same boat, having a re-scan tomorrow, but I am sure of my dates and preparing for the worst (having been through this before).

Tammy86 Wed 15-Jun-16 12:50:47

Hi Casiopedia,
No, we're booked in for another scan next week so it's just a waiting game. It's horrible isn't it? I've had a missed me before but I've then gone on to have a successful pregnancy and an amazing son. Hoping this one sticks and is fine but my heart tells me otherwise. sad
Hope everything goes ok tomorrow, I've got everything crossed for you.
Believe me, I know it's difficult but try not to focus too much on it.

rubyfeet Wed 15-Jun-16 15:54:51

There's a big difference isn't there.

How could the sonographer be so sure?

You know your dates, and why two weeks and not one I would ask for another scan- a week apart is enough surely?

It's bad enough waiting 1 week, not 2!

Sorry to sound so negative, I recently had this- but I knew in my mind what was going on- even went home and drank wine.

I hope it turns out better for you. xx

casiopeia Thu 23-Jun-16 11:16:23

tammy Hi, hope you are ok, just wanted to say my news was not a good one but I am recovering now and I am positive for the future.

Fingers crossed for you xx

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