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Awaiting St Mary's results but desperate to TTC again

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JOMH1982 Wed 08-Jun-16 07:13:56

I guess I am just wondering whether there is anyone out there who started TTC before they got their final results from St. Mary's? I have my second set of bloods set to be taken next Wednesday and the results will be on 12th July, but I have very long cycles (40 days approximately) and I would either be due my period or just finding out a pregnancy result at this appointment due to timescales. Am I silly for not wanting to wait another five weeks? We have lost three babies in three years (7 weeks, 10 weeks, and 20 weeks) and we have a four year old daughter. Saw a consultant two weeks ago and she said that, based on our history, she thinks that we have just had really bad luck. FBC and thyroid fine, there were some raised NK cells in my test but was told with my history this was very low down list of possible reasons for Recurrent mc, and routine clotting factors at my local hospital were fine. We've had a horrific time after our most recent loss, never thought a "late miscarriage" could hurt so incredibly. I guess I am worried that time is ticking as I turn 34 this month and worried time is running out. We have already been told tha I would need regular infection swabs and cervical length scanning as I lost my kettle darling Faith to infection/weak cervix.

So so sorry to read all the stories on here, life is really tough right now isn't it, and I am thinking of you all as we go through this journey.

To happier times,

Sophiehfz2805 Sat 11-Jun-16 00:38:25

Im so sorry to hear about thatsad the same happened to me 2 weeks ago.. I miscarried at 19 weeks+1 day .. I dont know the reason yet until i have to go back in i think 10 weeks time or something but it was awful. I did not expect it at all, it was a shock that my waters had gone so early and that my cervix was open.. Midwife told me that it may be due to an infection as when they took my blood whilst i was in hospital it showed there was an infection but i really don't knowsad i've started to try for a baby, i started yesterday but i just dont want to worry about if things go wrong again but i really cant help it😒 I wish you all the best for the future xx

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