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Infection from miscarriage

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Sophiehfz2805 Fri 03-Jun-16 14:55:29

After having a miscarriage at 19 weeks due to what the doctors think may have been an infection which broke my waters and opened my cervix. Last week, i delivered my baby and during the 5 days of being in hospital before delivering i had antibiotics to treat the infection. Now it being a week since i delivered, i feel like i still have an infection as my blood has a very strong and unpleasant smell.. Sorry for the tmi but i was just wondering if i'd have to go get antibiotics from docs to treat it or does it go naturally? As the hospital told me it would go away naturally. Im very confused. I want to be able to try for a baby after my bleeding stops but i just want to make sure the infection has totally gone ...

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fuzzywuzzy Fri 03-Jun-16 15:28:05

Hi Sophie, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I was told by my doctors I would need to go back immediately if there was an infection.

If you think you have an infection I would always go back and speak to a doctor.

I hope your recovery goes well.

JOMH1982 Fri 03-Jun-16 15:46:50

If you have any concerns at all about foul smelling blood or discharge, contact labour ward for advice. You had sepsis like me and it's very dangerous, so worth erring on side of caution xx

Sophiehfz2805 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:03:30

JOMH1982. I have contacted them but theyre telling me to contact my local midwife which is off until monday which is so annoying its like they won't do anything about it. I don't have sepsis but i had an infection which caused me to go into early labour and give birth at 5 months..sad i dont know what to do im scared x

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Sophiehfz2805 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:04:31

Fuzzywuzzy- i would but doctors is closed over weekend and also none of them are picking up there phones, do you think it'll be ok or not to wait? Cos i cant do anything else hospital keeps saying to contact doctors or midwife its so frustrating x

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fuzzywuzzy Fri 03-Jun-16 18:03:56

Call out of hours. Are you in pain or anything?

oldlaundbooth Fri 03-Jun-16 18:08:54

I'd go to A& E if I were you.

Levithecat Fri 03-Jun-16 18:50:24

Call 111 (the NHS non emergency number). They will arrange an out of hours GP visit for you - it's their job to organise appointments when your own GP is closed. I'm sure they'll be able to arrange for you to see someone ASAP.

sparechange Fri 03-Jun-16 18:52:36

I am usually the last person to suggest this, but you should go to A&E
An infection can have a lasting effect on your fertility.
I had a loss at a similar stage to you, and was told to go straight to A&E if I had bleeding or foul smells afterwards

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

Sophiehfz2805 Fri 03-Jun-16 19:44:44

Thanks everyone and thanks levithecat i phoned them up theyre getting someone to come and see me within next 12 hours c

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Levithecat Fri 03-Jun-16 20:56:52

So pleased, Sophie. it's exactly what the number is for. I'm so sorry for everything--will be thinking of you. flowers

Levithecat Sat 04-Jun-16 14:07:11

Hope you have seen a doc and you're being looked after, Sophie

Sophiehfz2805 Sat 04-Jun-16 17:49:26

Levithecat- hello, yes i went to see midwife today at hospital and she done a speculum and gave me antibiotics!! Thank you for asking smileX

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