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Insensitive boss at work (I'm struggling badly)

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ButterflyGem Sun 29-May-16 23:12:20

Been back at work 3 weeks now. But have hit a low a 16 nearly 17 year old had started an apprentiship scheme with us just last week. I have been training her & she came in on Wednesday after a hospital appointment spoke to my boss & said she was pregnant & booked in for an appointment for an abortion next Monday. I've had the full story off his girl thanks to my boss & I should never have been involved.
She isn't sure who the dad is & would keep if it was definately her boyfriends. My boss has basically told her to talk to me about her situation!! as I've been through similar. I've been to higher management today to try & report this as I think I'm the last person she should have told but my boss can be very tactless she has no idea no kids just dogs. Also My boss noticed I haven't been right today & took me in her office so I told her no I'mnot in a good place with hearing about this girls situation & upset with her for pointing her in my direction. Which she denied, I'm fuming & its sent me right back to square one so I phoned my doctors this afternoon they've signed me off for 3 weeks which I'm worrying about telling my boss & giving work the sick note. I've been coping so well with my own situation but now I can't cope with all this stress. Feel I'm back to square one
What makes it worse is our receptionist knows the girl is pregnant as her younger brother knows her & had heard rumours so I just hope there's no office gossip while I'm off. I've tried to convince the girl to think hard about an abortion and persuade her to keep it.
Help xx

333LuLu333 Mon 30-May-16 11:52:50

Everyone is different I'm afraid and she sounds like shes probably quite young and immature, it's gonna be hard but you're gonna have to cut off from it to protect yourself. I wouldn't worry about the sick note you need to do what you need to do. When you go back you need to tell them you want to go back to normal work life and need to focus on you and cannot get involved in hr issues with other members of staff. That's what I'd do hope that helps. Love and hugs

ButterflyGem Mon 30-May-16 20:21:37

Thanks for your reply. I do understand everyone's situation is different. I will be able to deal with these things in time I suppose just think it's still a little raw for me & is stressing me out trying not to worry about the girl in her position. Just going to use my time off to go & see a counsellor & my doctor again & see if that helps & also get myself in a better place & concentrate on that 😘 Xx

333LuLu333 Mon 30-May-16 20:39:09

Yeah just also remember you're not alone everyone that's gone through fertility issues, or mc will understand. Time will help, it's just a bit too personal for you at the mo, but natural to care about her. Remember to do some nice things for you during your time off. Take it easy xxx

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