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Chemical pregnancy?

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LadyAntonella Sun 22-May-16 10:22:44

DH and I dtd a couple of times last cycle so I could have fallen pregnant. We then decided to wait a bit so started using contraception.

Anyway, my period was 3 days late. I did a few tests which were all negative (one invalid). Anyway I think my period has been quite normal for me except that it arrived late and I just feel a bit... odd. I can't put my finger on it. I am having more cramping than usual. My periods are quite heavy normally and this one is too. Emotionally I just feel strange too and was very, very panicky, anxious and was thinking some very out of the ordinary thoughts last week. I'm a bit confused by the whole thing. I will probably POAS again soon. I don't feel pregnant, though I think I did at points last week. My intuition isn't very good for that sort of thing though as I have got it wrong before. Can anyone help or advise at all? I'm feeling a bit weird and fragile. No idea what's going on.

Many TIA.

LadyAntonella Sun 22-May-16 12:22:51

Still feeling some cramping - it's a weird feeling almost a bit like muscle burning sort of pain (if that makes sense). It's not very painful though, just noticeable. Also feel very bloated. This is day 5 of period (if it is in fact a period). Does any of this sound familiar to anyone at all?

LadyAntonella Sun 22-May-16 18:01:22

I realise I may have actually lost the plot by now and am possibly talking to myself wink. Just updating in case anything rings a bell with someone who might be able to advise.

So, bleeding is a lot lighter now but abdominal cramps are worse. This definitely feels different to a normal period and it did arrive late, so I don't think I'm imagining things!

If anyone knows what might be going on please do advise. Or maybe I am on the wrong board? Should I have this moved to Conception maybe? If so, apologies for posting wrongly.


Rubberduck2 Sun 22-May-16 20:33:00

Hello.. I'll reply! There is every chance it's a CP. I've have experience of these and it does sound like it.. I've always tested early though and had squinters which over a couple of days or so turn negative so it could be that you missed the positive and are just seeing negatives.

You will probably find the bleeding stops in the next day or two and your cycle should (but I make no promises) be reasonably normal straight away.

If for any reason it gets worse or your cycle doesn't sort itself out I'd go to the GP.

It's horrible not knowing one way or another.

Best of luck for the future flowers

LadyAntonella Sun 22-May-16 22:07:49

Yuss an answer!!! Thank you rubberduck! Hmm that's kind of reassuring to know it is probably as I thought. It is definitely the not knowing that is the problem. I will wait a few days and test again. I might even report back, since you've answered and all. wink

LadyAntonella Sun 22-May-16 22:51:04

I meant to say but I was a bit overexcited to get an answer there; sorry to hear you have experience of this rubber. It's not very nice. flowers

Rubberduck2 Mon 23-May-16 05:21:34

Re testing.. If you've had you period now and it was negative before it started retesting will get you nowhere sad in all honesty I'd save your money and not bother! Just keep an eye out for ovulation for this cycle and go from there!

Rubberduck2 Mon 23-May-16 05:22:22

Oh and ty! Currently 13w3 days with this LO and so far, so good!! grin

LadyAntonella Mon 23-May-16 06:58:10

Congratulations rubber! That's lovely news. flowers

Thanks - think you're probably right.

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