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Is this normal? (possibly upsetting/TMI)

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Ploppymoodypants Wed 18-May-16 20:11:04

I was approx 12 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage that started approx 10 days ago. I had a scan (on belly and an internal one) to confirm. I decided that I wouldn't have any intervention and would allow my body to deal with it itself which it seems to be doing. The cramps have stopped and the bleeding is only slight now with a few bits in it. However I have noticed over the past few days that it doesn't smell very nice, where as for the first week it was completely odourless like a period. Is this smell normal. I hope this post doesn't upset anyone and apologies if it does. I know I can call my midwife tomorrow but they will just refer me to GP and I have had so much time off work already and struggling to catch up. Thank you so much.

Levithecat Wed 18-May-16 20:24:50

Have you passed the sac and its contents (sorry to ask) and have you done a pg test recently? Just might be worth being scanned again to check that there are no retained products. I had surgical management of a missed miscarriage recently and had passed quite a lot prior to the surgery but was surprised at the final scan that they said there was still a fair bit to go.
Can you self refer to the EPAC? Hope you're doing ok flowers

Levithecat Wed 18-May-16 20:25:21

Sorry I wrote that in such a clinical way - just how I cope.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 18-May-16 20:26:50

Can you ring EPU and ask for advice? It does sound like there is the possibility that the mc was incomplete, only a scan can confirm it

doleritedinosaur Wed 18-May-16 20:30:58

Do you have a number for the EPU? They would be able to advise if you need another scan or do a test for retained products.

When I had mine they told me to watch out for a smell. Is there any discharge with the bleeding?

Ploppymoodypants Wed 18-May-16 20:34:18

Thank you so much for replying. Clinical is good. I cope better if I am matter of fact and just face up to the grossness of it all. Nobody be over kindly please or I will cry!!!

Yes passed the sac etc but maybe some left then. It was about half gone at scan. I guess I need another doctors trip 😔

Ploppymoodypants Wed 18-May-16 20:36:11

It's more rusty stain now than bleeding but with dark red lumps (colour of liver but texture of raw chicken skin). Sorry TMI I know.

Ploppymoodypants Wed 18-May-16 20:36:22

Thank you both

JOMH1982 Wed 18-May-16 22:07:27

Please call your EPU in the morning and explain your concerns. Foul smelling discharge should be checked out. always worth speaking with someone if you're concerned xx

Whatsername17 Wed 18-May-16 22:18:27

I had this in very similar circumstances. They started me on antibiotics for infection. Do not delay, call epu or gp first thing and start antibiotics asap. The two they put you on are nasty - made me feel very sick - but they work. Good luck flowers

GC2016 Thu 19-May-16 18:33:32

Please contact your out of hours doctors or call the EPU. The smell can indicate infection which requires immediate treatment for your health and the health of your womb, not meaning to alarm you but please dont delay.

Im very sorry about your loss and hope youre coping emotionally with the loss and trauma of the physical side.

Much love and please check back to let us all know youre OK and received treatment xxx

sophiexxxx Sat 21-May-16 09:58:09

Hi everyone,

I need help. I was spotting for 10 days then passed clit of red and grey now I'm just bleeding. Is this a miscarriage, I feel empty
Thank you

Imnotaslimjim Sun 22-May-16 08:24:30

So sorry you're going their they Sophie but you might be better staying you're own thread, more people will see it then

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