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Ectopic pregnancy & methotrexate advice

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eckythumpenallthat Sun 15-May-16 18:19:16

I'll try keep a long story short but we'll see

In Feb I had a delayed Misscarriage at 9.5 weeks and had a d&c. AF in March arrived as expected as did Aprils however it never stopped. Went to the GP on Monday cos I'd been bleeding for 3 weeks. I was expecting it to be a hormone imbalance and to be given something to stop it but she did a pregnancy test and it was positive much to my surprise as me and DH had only dtd once (I know that's all it takes but even so) Was referred for emergency scan incase it was 'retained product'.

Had that Tuesday and they couldn't see anything. Dr on EPU did infection swabs but also a blood hcg test just in case and it came back positive at 126. Again I'm baffled as with dates of this one time me and DH had sex it didn't add up as I'd have to have been 7.5 weeks and surely they would have seen SOMETHING on a scan but they didn't. They repeated the bloods on Thursday and that came back the same at 126. So deffo not an early pregnancy which I did tell them it wouldn't be but not a misscarriage either so they are saying its ectopic.

I've to go again tomorrow to have a final set of bloods and if it's not gone down to below 5 they want to treat with methotrexate. I've read about methotrexate this weekend and it doesn't sound great. And tbh I'm especially wary of them giving me treatment for something I don't think it is. Except this bleeding which has gone on for nearly 4 weeks now I have no other signs or symptoms of an ectopic.

Has anyone had one similar to this and therefore the EPU could be right in this case? Is there anything it else it could be that it's worth asking them before having any kind of treatment? I know this all sounds odd as most people would love to be pregnant and it's not that I don't want to be and I'd be made up that I was but I've gone into this knowing that this isn't what it is iyswim. Has anyone else had methotrexate and what was your experience? I'm worrying about the monitoring if I do have it as I'm going on holiday next week which we booked after I got out of hospital to get over the Misscarriage and put it behind us yet I've still got something shitty lingering over me. I'm literally driving myself crazy and I'm shattered with the physical and emotional side of what's going on

Lou1791 Sun 15-May-16 18:29:13

Sorry you're having a such a worrying time.
Have the hospital mentioned molar pregnancies at all? Did they test for this after the initial d&c? I think it might be worth asking as with a molar pregnancy the hcg levels can take a while to fall even after a d&c.

eckythumpenallthat Sun 15-May-16 19:13:37

They didn't no. I had my d&c and that was it. There wasn't even a patient info leaflet with a 'what to expect when' kind of thing I had to google everything. It was only when I had my scan on Tuesday t he sonographer said I should have done a pregnancy test to make sure it had gone negative. Anywho. I have no idea what a molar pregnancy? is so off to google and bring up tommorow. It's just all odd that whatever 'it' is if dated from lmp would be 7.5 weeks yet everything on my scan was clear. Absolutely Nothing to be seen. Uterus in the right position and lining a good thickness, ovaries as they should be. Just this constant bleeding which hasn't had any clots or tissue. Just don't want unnecessary treatment or for it to be repeated if it's not for the right thing. Maybe I'm just in complete denial confused

Lou1791 Sun 15-May-16 20:46:56

From your original post I was wondering if the missed miscarriage was a molar pregnancy - but I may be completely wrong. I just know from my experience that hcg following a molar takes a while to drop as some cells remain. Afaik, nothing would show up on a scan however. I hope you get some answers soon flowers

somethingfromnothing Sun 15-May-16 21:15:14

I had expectant management with my ectopic pregnancies. Like you my HCG levels were quite low so they were happy to monitor me every 48 hours to see if they dropped on their own which they did eventually. I was also weary of the methotrexate. If it came to it I obviously would have taken it but luckily my HCG levels dropped in time.

eckythumpenallthat Sun 15-May-16 22:02:45

That's it. I'm kind of meeting trouble halfway but also want to be prepared for it. Last blood test was Thursday so in 3 days I'm praying it's gone down. But more than anything I just want this bleeding to stop. I've been given provera and was all veered up to get cracking with it but then got the phone call about the hcg levels and told not to

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