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When can I get "back to normal"?

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Fabfeminist Sat 14-May-16 21:33:23

I have just had an MMC with my first pregnancy. As many have shared here, went for first scan at 13 weeks with my DH, and was shocked to see an empty sac on the screen. I have gotten quite a bump--so much that we were wondering if it would be twins.

Fast forward 3 days and the pills to induce the miscarriage...and I am now wondering when my body will stop looking pregnant and when I can hit the gym to get the bit of weight off? The absolute hardest part about this has been how I have felt like my body played some sort of cruel trick on me, and I just want to be clear of it and start over.

So. How long hax it taken you to recover physically? I am 35 and this was my first time. Thanks all.

rider1975 Sun 15-May-16 08:05:23

Hi Fab - really sorry for your loss flowers I had a medical management on Tuesday. Mine has been a bit drawn out and I'm still losing blood clots but starting to feel better and like myself again (they had told me from 7+1 that this pg was very unlikely to be successful so had a horrible 10 days but it was less of a shock)
That's the key feeling for me. I'll be back at work on Monday and prob hit the gym on Wed (yoga/gentle dance) and body pump by next Sunday if blood has stopped. I was 8+3 weeks and I'm 41. There has been a lot of bleeding / tissue loss and my little belly is starting to go down n boobs are much less sore. I'm starting to get my energy back too and inconceivable things like housework now seem doable.
I will do a pg test 2 weeks after the medical management (guidelines are 3-4). After my ERPC I got my period after 3 weeks which everyone said was impossible but was the case for me.
I wish you lots of positive energy in your getting back to you and luck in the future xx

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