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Periods after miscarriages?

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ToastyToasty Wed 11-May-16 18:58:21

Hello all.
Miscarried naturally at just under 8 weeks in February & had 3 periods since then. They've all been regular but containing a lot of small very dark clots, which is not usual for me.
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience that shed light on this? I guess I'm slightly concerned in case there are any retained products confused ?

Kiss2DD Wed 11-May-16 20:30:30

I think that is normal. I have my peroid with blood clotting all years. That should not be a sign of residual. If you do not have other sign, it should not be a concern to going on. Good luck!

rider1975 Thu 12-May-16 18:18:22

My periods changed after my first miscarriage (ERPC) and I always have brown blood a little bit before and after the main event - with some graininess. I'm guessing that either I had a little scarring or the uterus changed a little in shape. No medical professional has ever been able to explain it. I think the important thing is to have regular periods - well, that's the received knowledge I can offer. I did get pregnant again nonetheless and implantation was fine so hopefully no problems.

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