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Miscarriage/ ectopic

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KC718 Sat 07-May-16 16:49:52

I have been spotting/ bleeding on off for the last 2.5weeks and my doctor confirmed that I'm having early miscarriage. I had one night of bad cramp but no heavy bleeding only when I wipe but it is bright red. I am also having some back pain and shoulder pain although it seems to be more towards my neck area, could this be an ectopic pregnancy, doctor advised to take another test on tue and if still positive to call them for return visit?

Seriousjockin Sat 07-May-16 17:12:35

Sorry to hear you're going through this, I'm not an expert but didn't want to read and run.

I'm being monitored for a 'threatened miscarriage' at the moment and the hospital gave me a leaflet with symptoms to look out for if you think it might be an ectopic pregnancy, one of them is shoulder pains, I think the others were severe pains in abdomen (particularly if on one side) and shooting pains in rectum. The hospital asked me to come in if I experience any of those (they have an emergency gynaecology unit which you don't need an appointment for, is there anything like that where you are?)

Hope you're feeling okay flowers

Dixxie Wed 11-May-16 20:34:38

KC, I have just spent 24 hours in hospital with an ectopic pregnancy that they missed. I had severe pain on one side, low down and shoulder pain. I had noticed it since Friday but it wasn't too bad and I didn't take it seriously, but it got worse until I was writhing around the bathroom floor in agony last night and asked my husband to take me to A&E. Happy to share my experience if it helps

Dixxie Wed 11-May-16 20:47:09

KC your symptoms mirror mine, i would recommend you go to your emergency gynae department right away. They will scan you and take your HCG hormone levels.

I had been for a 7 week scan, they saw an empty sac of nearly 6 weeks. The report said could indicate ectopic but the midwife said she thought it was very unlikely and just to let them know if I had sharp lower abdomen pain and shoulder pain.

On my request they also tested my HCG levels as I knew if they weren't rising enough it might mean the pregnancy wasn't viable (although be careful as HCG levels aren't always a true indicator - search for 'misdiagnosed miscarriage' on Google for more info).

From Wednesday - Friday - Sunday they only rose 2400 > 2720 > 2800 and I was spotting so they said it didn't look viable and I opted to wait and see what happened naturally

The bleeding increased, as though I was having a period, but there were no strong womb cramps like my last period, hard to explain but even though I told people I was miscarrying , I had this strange sense that I was still pregnant.

Then on Tuesday heavier bleeding and familiar period pain cramps (I'm one of the unlucky few who gets severe monthly cramps/sickness/fainting but it's unexplained and all investigations are clear)

Niggling shoulder pain had been in the background since Friday but I just thought it was tension, and the lower abdominal pain in back and front on one side got stronger

Dixxie Wed 11-May-16 21:12:12

...continues last post

Then in the night I woke up in pain, my strong prescription painkillers that I take for painful periods weren't working, I was throwing up and lying on the floor in agony. Moans of pain woke my husband up and I asked him to take me to A&E. Begged them for Morphine - what a relief.

Told them I thought it was ectopic pregnancy and got referred to emergency gynaecology unit. Blood tests showed my HCG levels were at same level as Sunday - this is a flag for ectopic as if I had miscarried from my womb, levels should plummet quickly.

Internal ultrasound showed the empty sac had gone, nothing in womb, and they couldn't see anything elsewhere either but that is typical as tubes are very fine and other things (bowels, air pockets) get in the way.

Note that they said it's common in ectopic pregnancy for a 'false sac' to show up in the womb, as in my case this can be mistaken for an early 4-5 week pregnancy, both could appear to be sacs with nothing in them (too early to see anything at that stage).

Internal exam showed my womb was still closed, indicating my body still thought I was pregnant (even though I was passing a lot of blood, apparently cervix always slightly open so blood can come out even if womb closed, I didn't know that).

Possible ectopic still on the cards. Spoke to 2 consultants. My options were:
(1) wait and see, but monitor HCG. The egg could pass naturally with no need for intervention, it may have already passed, but risk that the egg could rupture a Fallopian tube /ovary etc depending on where the pregnancy of unknown location was.
(2) laparoscopy- keyhole surgery to look at my tubes, ovaries and surrounding area to see if they can find anything. Quite a significant operation, 2 weeks recovery time and risk that they could damage a tube or other organ.
(3) medical management - a drug called Methotrexate - Google it. Dissolves the pregnancy so that it passes. Safest intervention, 90% success rate, monitor HCG levels alongside this to check it's working. Long list of side effects. Depletes folate in your body so you can't try for a baby for 3 months and you should continue taking folic acid supplements to replace.

I was all for natural management and dead against the drugs. There are stories on of women who are told there's nothing in their womb / an empty sac who refuse treatment and 2 weeks later a heartbeat is found in the womb so you have to weigh up what you want to do. Eventually my DH and I decided we couldn't risk rupturing a tune or ovary. Diagnosis of pregnancy in unknown location seemed conclusive so I've had the injection.

Will report back on side effects. I also want to understand whether there's a risk that there could be tissue from the dissolved egg remaining and blocking my tubes, I'm going to do some research as I may need to have them puffed again to be sure they're clear.

A very long post but I'm hoping it may help you and others who may have or be going through an ectopic/ unknown location pregnancy.


Dixxie Wed 11-May-16 23:29:41

One last thing: shoulder pain was between my neck and shoulder.

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