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Mummytoanangel1 Tue 03-May-16 22:12:41

I'm a young mum I was 15 when I had my first son and 16 when I fell pregnsnt with my second, during my second pregnancy I didn't feel right, I felt more protecting I wouldn't let anyone touch me and I defo wouldn't let anyone near my belly, I didn't really wanna go out because i was worried.

I took myself to the hospital and they scanned me and tired out I was further along than I thought but it was all bad news from there I went weeks without knowing what was napping as no one could tell me if my baby was okay or not, then the miscarriage came I was in hospital as I was in so much pain. I was then told I had to have surgery after to make sure everything was gone so I went to have that done.

When I was actually pregnant (I was about 20 weeks when I had surgery) I had brought a double buggy and the car seat and carry cot to go with it. But since my loss I can't get rid of it, I do have a single but I always use the double and use the car seat and put a blanket over it so no one can see there's not a baby in there

I don't know what else to do as its to painful to face the fact my baby's gone? Can anyone tell me how they got over their losses? As I feel like I've tried everything and being a young mum in a small area everyone knows I lost my baby and I get really made fun out of for the double buggy thing but no matter what I do I can't leave it behind sad

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Merrida Wed 04-May-16 12:23:30

flowers that must have been terrifying for you, especially as you're so young.

Sadly there's no easy way to get over the losses, and there's no easy way to make others understand if they've never gone through it. I'm sorry that people around you aren't being supportive. Any form of grief gets "easier" in time, and yours will ease too ... but I doubt you'll ever feel the same way about them again! Or that you'll forget your little one. And it would probably feel like you were forgetting if you just went back to using a single-seater etc.

So I may be wrong here, but if there's no practical reason to, then don't rush yourself into giving up all your things for the new baby. Why should you hide your grief because it makes others uncomfortable? In time as part of the healing process you might need or want to put those things aside, but there's no huge rush. It's a way of remembering them.

You focus on taking care of yourself my lovely xx

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