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low hcg levels & loss of symptoms possible miscarriage/ectopic?

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TheTeaFiend Tue 03-May-16 14:21:45

After finding out we were expecting and getting a + test and digital saying 1-2 weeks nearly 2 weeks ago I have had the most excruciating wait to see if our little bean is ok or not. 6 days ago I suddenly no longer felt nauseous and smells were no longer bothering me followed by a small amount of peachy discharge (tmi)  so was sent to a&e where my hcg was measured at 131 which I am told that was low and I was examined and told my cervix was definitely closed and to see what my repeated bloods come up with. Fast forward 6 days and I've had a little brown discharge for the past 2 days and my last two hcg bloods have come up at 136 and another 48 hours later 136 again. 2 days ago my early scan showed my uterus was empty. I'm left in limbo waiting for something to change. Anyone had any experience of hcg staying the same then starting to double so early on in pregnancy? I put my dates at about 4 or 5 weeks. I think in my heart I'm fully expecting miscarriage but holding on to that tiny bit of hope that the bean is ok and just taking its time.

Dixxie Sat 14-May-16 07:26:18

Mine levelled then dropped a little, it was bad news unfortunately. Treated for ectopic. I do have a friend whose levels dropped, she was with an IVF clinic. They gave her drugs and she has two beautiful twins. Xxx

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