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2nd MC yesterday - negative test already?

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princessconsuelobananahammock Mon 02-May-16 10:28:28

Hi everyone, I just need some advice. I was 5+1 yesterday & woke up to quite a lot of bleeding. Planned to go to EPAU tomorrow but on a digital test today it already says not pregnant. I know I've miscarried, I feel disappointed but fine (I only knew for 5 days) but does this mean that the miscarriage is over now? It took 3 weeks to get a negative last time but I was more like 9 weeks. I want to get back to TTC asap. It took ages to get pregnant again sad

Merd Mon 02-May-16 10:36:06

flowers for your losses.

I've had this a few times and I found it emotionally difficult even though it was just a few days of expectation.

Physically I've ovulated as normal a few weeks later and had a period a few weeks after that, so could have tried in that window but didn't usually as I wanted a break.

Later pregnancies (as you've said) took longer to fade away on tests for me too. I think it's just your body getting back to normal.

Fingers crossed for your scan later anyway as tests can do weird things - and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy very soon!

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