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Recurrent missed miscarriages - Aspirin

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randomuser64746 Mon 25-Apr-16 14:48:13

My story is long and so I wont go into 2 much detail but after 4 years and 6 pregnancies it looks like we might finally be getting there. We conceived first month of trying years back but had a missed miscarriage. we then took a year to get pregnant and again another missed miscarriage. This has been going on for years and its a constant battle of hoping for a positive test and then just constant worry to try and make it to that 12 week scan. We have seen a few specialists both private and NHS and all sorts of tests but everything is normal.

Any how we started on Aspirin after the last loss at christmas and this regulated my wifes periods and we caught straight away. We have always had a good scan at around 6 weeks but lose by 10 weeks, we have had all sorts of bloods done over these periods and again everything is normal.

what happens during this period is that the baby stops feeding from the yolk sack and starts to use the placenta. this connection is so small and if it gets obstructed the foetus stops developing, Aspirin thins the blood (not that my wife has "thick blood") and helps stop this happening.

There is not a lot of research into this and other reasons are given but after speaking to so many consultants and experts with various opinions this makes perfect sense to me and explains a lot. Anyhow we have been having scans every week for this conception and so far its all good. We have just had a 10, 3 day scan which is the furthest we have ever made and so its still so early days but we are feeling really optimistic and after spending thousands of various tests its ironic that a drug that costs 50p could be the answer.

I'm not a doctor but would really suggest that anyone who is having Recurrent missed miscarriages have a look at Aspirin and if you have no other health complications would suggest getting started on 75mg a day up to week 36.

This could just be a coincidence but I am feeling that this is the answer and makes perfect sense to me. anyhow fingers crossed for the next 2 weeks and hopefully after years of getting pregnant we can finally tell our family smile

ChewyGiraffe Tue 26-Apr-16 08:25:38

What a lovely post - wishing you and your wife all the best - hope she has a healthy and happy rest of her pregnancy.

So just to confirm, she started on aspirin pre-conception? If so, how long was she taking it before she conceived?

ChewyGiraffe Tue 26-Apr-16 08:29:01

Sorry, I meant to ask - and I do hope this isn't an insensitive question - were you ever offered any genetic testing on the products of the previous losses? I'm aware that sometimes chromosomal tests on the baby and karyotyping of parents' blood are offered after the third loss? If so, do you mind saying what the results were?

I suppose I'm wondering whether it's possible that more than one issue was going on and yet you still (fingers crossed) have got there eventually.

randomuser64746 Tue 26-Apr-16 09:02:17

We started aspirin 4 weeks before conception and so may have helped but could say for sure. We were offered genetic testing after the third but everything was normal (as it is in most Recurrent missed miscarriages). Sperm tests were fine (in fact I have a very high count). paid for private tests for all sorts of things (killer cells, various genetic defects etc) all had less than 1% chance of being the cause of the problem and all were fine, my wife had dye in the tubs to check for problems down the tubes that might be causing problems, she has no cysts and everything is looking perfect . We are in our late 20's neither of us drink or smoke, but have perfect BMI's had full blood work done to check for any sort of hormone imbalance or deficiency and everything is normal. It's been so was frustrating looking for an answer when were just told time after time that we were unlucky. Once you hit 9 weeks if there is a heartbeat there is less than a 2% chance of a problem but it still feels so scary even knowing that.

Mean while friends of ours are having babies and get pregnant by accident, we have even supported a friend and sat in hospital with here while she was having an abortion all the time keeping this secret inside. My wife is a nurse in a GP surgery and every week gives the babies their vacancies often the day after we have found no heartbeat. She's deals with drug addict pregnancies and see babies screaming as they are having withdrawal symptoms form being addicted to heroin all the while suffering inside.

I'm so proud of her, she is the strongest woman I know and i'm so proud to call her my wife.

rider1975 Tue 17-May-16 18:51:24

Wow what a fantastic post! - congratulations to you and your wife. You sound like incredibly strong people.

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