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Bleeding 8 weeks on

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Z1987 Sun 24-Apr-16 17:54:10

Hi hoping someone can give me some advice. I miscarried at 11 weeks, this was 7-8 weeks ago now. The first few weeks was fairly light but this month has been horrendous. I had another scan on Friday and it has passed. They done a biopsy on me also so just waiting for the results. I've woke up today in so much pain. It feels like I'm contracting but how can this be if I've already miscarried? I was just starting to accept what happened but this pain has brought up all the emotions again.

KittyandTeal Sun 24-Apr-16 17:57:23

Could you be getting your first period? I found that my first period after both my losses was really heavy and painful.

Sorry for your loss 💐

Z1987 Sun 24-Apr-16 18:00:53

I don't know. I've been bleeding everyday this month but today has felt like contractions. When I had the miscarriage the 1st of last month I bled for 2 weeks then stopped for 2 weeks then it's been constant ever since. They took samples of the blood to get tested to see if there's any remains. Just can't believe it's still going on after all this time.

KittyandTeal Sun 24-Apr-16 18:31:32

You've definitely not got retained products? Did the scan show that there was nothing left?

Really odd. My first loss at 22 weeks I bled for 10 days, stopped then had a period 4 weeks later.

This time at 14 weeks I did have some retained materials, they thought I would have. About 10 days after I got contraction like pains, thought I was being lame, went to the loo for what I thought was a poo and passed a large bit of tissue (about the same size as ds had been at 14 weeks!) I bled for a week or so after then nothing. I've since had my first (hideous) period but I've had a bit of mid cycle bleeding. Not sure if that's related to the loss or my endo though.

I know it's, strangely, taken my body longer to get back to 'normal' this time round.

Z1987 Sun 24-Apr-16 22:39:31

I'm in hospital now as the pain got so bad. Felt like I was labour but yeah the sack had already passed so didnt know what was happening. been having tests done so they think I have an infection. Sorry to hear about your loss also.

KittyandTeal Mon 25-Apr-16 07:07:43

Oh poor you. Hope they can find out what it is and you start feeling better soon

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