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No HCG 6 weeks 2 days pregnant miscarriage

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Jennik4 Mon 18-Apr-16 00:07:30

I'm so confused...

I found out at 5 weeks 2 days I was pregnant, but after miscarrying 5 months ago at 8 weeks 6 days had been cautious about getting excited. I'd been getting very very faint positives for a few days and at 5 weeks got a negative clearblue digital. I knew I was pregnant and continued to get the very faint positives and at 5 weeks 2 days got the positive on clearblue digital saying pregnant 1-2 weeks. I was worried I was going to miscarry again as that indicated I wasn't as far along as I should have been and I expected low HCG means probably miscarriage.

I started bleeding at 6 weeks 2 days and went to hospital. They said no HCG was in either urine or blood work and gave the impression I wasn't pregnant. I know my body. I was pregnant and this was my third pregnancy (1st healthy baby, second miscarriage and this one I'm sure had been another miscarriage). I don't understand how there was just nothing a week later and no one has offered any explanation. Anyone had a similar experience or have any ideas what's going on? Can the pregnancy be reabsorbed and HCG go down to 3 in that time? Last miscarriage it took weeks for HCG to be <5, but it was further along. I feel like I'm not allowed to grieve because they don't believe I was ever pregnant, which I know I was. The bleeding is like the miscarriage was, not a normal period, it just doesn't make sense...

Tootsie1984 Mon 18-Apr-16 07:23:01

I found out I was pregnant last weekend. Tested over 3 days and got stronger positives each time. Then on Tuesday started having very bad pains and began bleeding quite heavy. Passed clots. Diagnosed with having miscarried. Was still testing positive up to yesterday but getting fainter by the day. This morning a negative test. Still bleeding but a lot less now. More when I wipe myself than on a pad. This would have been my third pregnancy but first miscarriage. I am sorry for your loss. Not much help either really as mine took about 6 days from miscarriage. I would have been about 5 weeks gone sad

Jennik4 Tue 19-Apr-16 06:35:04

I know from my last miscarriage that that's what I'm going through, I was just confused about there being no HCG. From what I can tell with very early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy the hormones can drop very quickly as they don't get very high anyway so I'm guessing that's what it was. The dr suggested blighted ovum, but hormones tend to rise with that. I don't know, but nothing brings the pregnancy back sad I'm sorry for your loss too, it's such an awful experience sad

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