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is it over?

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theAntsareMyFriends Fri 15-Apr-16 12:24:59

9.5 weeks PG
Started bleeding on Saturday, bleeding slowed to spotting on Sunday (got my hopes up), worse on Monday and red with clots and a lot worse on Tuesday with some gushes of blood but not so much that a normal towel could't contain it all.

Wednesday morning - scan which showed me the baby had not developed past 6/7 weeks. The sac was collapsing and no foetus was visible.

Went off to training session which was fairly active and bleeding got a lot worse. Big red gushes which needed 2 st to contain and I still bled all down my legs. When I was sitting on the toilet I was pushing out what either felt like large clots or big gushes of blood.

Thursday the bleeding was still bad but less and only a few clots.

Today - bleeding a little worse and lots of small clots.

I'm just worried it will get a lot worse and I just want it to be over. Does it sound like I've passed it all or should I still expect to pass the sac and if so how long will it take. I want it done and to be able to move on. I'm at work and worrying about bleeding all over my trousers is making me feel really anxious.

Thank you for reading and if you've got any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

FuzzyOwl Fri 15-Apr-16 17:16:55

I am so sorry to read this theAnts and I hope you are safely home from work now. I think everyone is different and your bleeding has been spread out over a few days, but it sounds fairly similar to what I had after I had an erpc so I would be expecting more to come out.

Really hope you have lots of support. Hugs. X

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