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Heavy bleeding at 5 weeks

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holygold13 Fri 15-Apr-16 12:02:54

Hi, fairly new to this so please bare with,

Tested 6 BFP last Thursday to Saturday, AF was due between 5th and 10th so could have been early but got positives (however faint!) and did my first CB digital on the Saturday and got pregnant 1-2wks. Booked an appointment with Dr who took one look at my tests and said I was Preg, dipped for a UTI as I had symptoms (full bladder etc) which came back clear, she booked my midwife appointment for the 22nd, and gave me a load of leaflets.
Anyway yesterday morning woke up to the tiniest bleed when I wiped which was a faded pink, was a little worried but not overly as has no cramps. Got to work and the cramps started, bleeding seemed to have stopped or whatever was there was extremely faint. Got an appointment an hour later and went down, Dr did an internal and confirmed bleeding and booked me in on Tuesday at EPU. She also said at this point it could go either way and put me on bed rest, which I did. However I got home and the cramps got worse, never unbareable and never needed pain tablets or anything but they were there and started bleeding heavy. Never filled pad but not sure if it was because I'm laying down because everytime I went for a wee there was a lot of blood and a few small clots, size of seseme seeds. Was up during the night, more paranoid than anything to check how much I was bleeding. Still only tiny amounts on pad. However first wee this morning passed a clot size of my little finger. Still got the mild cramps still bleeding. I've been on bed rest of over 24 hours now, don't know what to do with myself.
I guess what I'm asking is do I bother going on Tuesday or shall I just accept this is a miscarriage and start trying to move from this now?
Obviously absolutely devestated and I'm sure you'll understand it's the not knowing that's the worse. No matter how much blood always going to be that tiny bit of hope 😔

Anne x

holygold13 Fri 15-Apr-16 12:10:08

Sorry forgot to add - did a Preg test yesterday which is a obvious BFP but did one about 10.30 this morning and it came back BFNsad
Further confirmation I've lost it/losing it.
Do the hormones really change that quickly?

RoTo72 Fri 15-Apr-16 20:01:07

Hi op. So sorry your thing thru this. I had a silent miscarriage so am afraid I cant help with how a natural one goes. But I would definitely keep your appointment with epu. For what its worth with my silent mc I had light spotting just. But had a heavy bleed at 5 months with my now 15yr old son. flowers

RoTo72 Fri 15-Apr-16 20:01:48

going not thing

Scarydinosaurs Fri 15-Apr-16 20:10:24

Do please still go to your appointment, I'm so sad to say that yes, you have probably lost the baby flowers but it is important to have that confirmed and check that it happening as it should and that you don't need any medical intervention.

DaisyBeth13 Tue 22-Aug-17 02:16:54

I found out I was pregnant last Monday, started spotting on Thursday, bleeding red blood on Friday, three tiny clots on Sunday. Rang 111 as was concerned as is my first pregnancy. Was referred to an out of hours doctor. Was asked at reception to do a urine sample, which the doctor didn't even look at. He just asked my symptoms and asked me what I thought was happening and I said possible miscarriage. And he said that's what he thought it was. I asked if it's possible to still carry a baby after bleeding and losing clots as I have read other ladies success stories and he said it was possible. I also asked if they could test my hormones to see if that would indicate if I was still pregnant. And he said I could go to my local GP to do a blood sample. So I think I'm having a miscarriage, am still bleeding but not as heavy and no more clots. I've also read about blood clots leading to early pregnancy bleeding. Also the possibility of twins could lead to possible bleeding. I myself was a twin, but my mum miscarried the other baby at 12 weeks. Is it ridiculous that I am still hopeful? Or should I just admit defeat this time round? If it is a miscarriage I have no idea what to expect. If I will pass more clots of if it's nearly finished. The doctor didn't give me any information and I have no idea who to talk to.

KerryLeanne84 Tue 22-Aug-17 04:49:13

I'm so so sorry that this is happening to you DaisyBeth13 ❤️

While you're right that other things can cause bleeding, it seems likely that you are experiencing a miscarriage. I have some very fresh experience as I'm going through a missed miscarriage where the baby died at 8-5 but my body didn't realise for another 3 weeks.

I'm so sorry that the doctors aren't being more help. Unfortunately early pregnancy units will only see women from 6 or 7 weeks also. I'd recommend at least going to your gp and explaining how hard the uncertainty is - they should be able to do a hcg blood test that would show if your levels were going up or down.

I know it's super difficult to hear but it's more likely that the pregnancy implanted and then failed than the other scenarios you've mentioned. I was the same but think i knew deep down. So it's not that you should admit defeat, but it helped me to be pragmatic/ realistic about what was happening. It doesn't mean there wasn't a chance of a more positive outcome and ive got my fingers crossed that there might be for you. Xxx

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