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2nd Blighted Ovum in a row - I have no idea what option to pick :(

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Khaxby Sat 09-Apr-16 12:35:45

After early scans and blood tests, it was confirmed yesterday that whilst last week's scan showed an empty sac, size was right for 5 weeks and hormones were rising healthily; this week's u/s showed sac growth to 17.9 mm but still empty sad not even a yolk. I've had spotting for the last 2 weeks and some cramping which the midwife said is due to some separation.

They've given me a bunch of leaflets about conservative, medical and surgical options to miscarry which I just can't comprehend (again) with mixed feelings of fear after my last m/c which was natural and one of the worst experiences of my life along with fear that they could be wrong and I don't want to force a miscarry if they are.

Anyone else been faced with this? I just don't know what to do other than be devastated. It's a cruel twist of fate that I can't sleep because my boobs are so sore and I'm really suffering from m/s even though I don't seem to have made a baby.

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bananafish81 Sat 09-Apr-16 15:01:37

I'm so so sorry - life can be so very cruel

I can only speak for myself, but after we discovered I'd had a MMC at my 10 week scan (baby only measured 9+3 with no fetal heartbeat), I opted for surgical management.

I absolutely felt this was the right choice for me - it was physically very straightforward, and I had little to no physical pain or discomfort, and not much bleeding thereafter.

I was terrified about the prospect of natural or medical management, and am very very glad I had an ERPC. I wish you the very best of luck, whatever choice you opt for thanks

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