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Reoccurring miscarriage

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Penguinepenguins Sat 02-Apr-16 20:35:36

I did post this before but had no responses that's because I am an idiot and posted in the wrong part of mumsnet

Hello everyone,

Looking for some guidance please smile

DP and I have been trying to have a baby since October, I have so far had no issues in getting pregnant - they just don't seem to want to stay which is so very heartbreaking.

My last MC happened at the weekend so it's all still very raw, I saw my GP and I'm being referred to a gynaecologist - but have heard this may take months and at 38 I really don't have time to be waiting around! I do have two wonderful tiny humans in my life (officially my step-children. DP is RP) but I want to have the pleasure of bringing one into the world.

DP and I have decided to go private for tests so we get answers more
quickly - I am just looking for some advise from people who have done this before!

Apparently they will check both of us out, DP bit is relatively easy (deposit load in cup! Men get all the fun! Although DP is not convinced it's that fun) but I wonder what will they actually do to me? The MC I had before Christmas was very traumatic as it was so painful and I had to endure an internal scan the dildo scanner was HUGE and the woman was very rough it left me feeling quite bruised then had a doctor check my cervix and it took her four attempts to get the machine in deep enough - all in all rather awful so am a bit nervous as to what to expect when we go hopefully next week! I know they will explain before but I'm a planner/obsessed with working out all the scenarios smile

It really is so upsetting, to go through this I feel so inadequate this evening because I can't even look after my babies it just seems so unfair I am just so very very sad and need to do something to feel proactive with it!

Thanks in advance X

Penguinepenguins Sat 02-Apr-16 23:28:13

Help please

caza25 Mon 04-Apr-16 10:42:05

Hi, I am so sorry to hear of your lose. I can also tell how sad you. It is so tough, I have just had my 4th m/c. It is so difficult to function and get on with life. I think going for private tests is the way to go just to get some answers. I have seen in other posts that they have attended the miscarriage clinic in London, you can google it. Other people have went to their GP and asked for help because of their age. I hope that you get the help you deserve and go on to have a lovely baby. There has been so many success stories on mums net there is hope.

Lucinda15 Mon 04-Apr-16 16:21:35

I am so sorry for your losses OP and caza. It's an awful awful thing to happen just once, but to endure it again (and again!) is heartbreaking.

I have just had my 3rd mc and can totally relate to the feeling of sadness at not being able to keep the babies. I feel like a failure, like I'm letting my DP down, that I'm not healthy or thin enough....I've even been wondering if I used the wrong type of shampoo??? I mean, really???

I am lucky enough to have one DS, who is 4. A complete surprise and an incredibly happy and smooth pregnancy. I am confused as to why I can't carry to term this time around.

We have been referred to our local recurrent miscarriage clinic (rmc) but I had heard mixed reviews about them. So I made some enquiries and St. Mary's rmc in London came out very highly recommended. Also dr shehata in Epsom and somewhere in Coventry, but st Mary's was closer to me so didn't look into either of them more closely. We can't afford to go private but St Mary's advised me they accept NHS referrals from GPs, and the current wait is 7-8 weeks for an appt. my referral is in and I'm now waiting to get a date. You may find it is sooner if you go private, but I didn't find out.

In terms of investigations, I am unsure what to expect but gather there are blood tests, scans and possibly hysteroscopy. But I am as much in the dark as you so may need to find out more details to be sure.

There is a thread on here for recurrent miscarriage support which has been good and I there are ladies on there that would know a lot more and be happy to help - if be so lost without this thread, it's been such a life saver and support over the last year.

Wishing you both luck and hope for positive outcomes for us all flowers

bananafish81 Mon 04-Apr-16 19:29:44

I'm so sorry for your losses

Unfortunately the NHS doesn't have much to offer unless you have a clotting disorder or thyroid - they don't 'believe' in immunological causes of miscarriage. Two friends both had 3 miscarriages in the space of a year. Both went to the RMC at St Marys and were told the mc were just bad luck because all their thrombophilia tests were normal

They miscarried again

Both went private, got tested for NK cells, got treated with steroids, intralipids, and blood thinners and both are now 11 and 12 weeks pregnant respectively.

It's worth getting all the thrombophilia tests done as it may be that a 15p baby aspirin will prevent a future miscarriage, if you're found to have antiphospholipid syndrome (sticky blood). But if not, I would strongly recommend going to investigate immunes. Mr Shehata can't treat with intralipids etc on NHS but does privately. Dr Gorgy is excellent. Dr Ndukwe at Zita West also. And CARE in Manchester and Nottingham I believe will treat RPL with immunes even if you're TTC naturally and not having fertility treatment

I had a MMC 3 weeks ago and am getting all the immunes tests done, it's only my first, but I don't want to wait for 3 to find out I might not have miscarried if I'd had some steroids and Clexane.

Good luck thanks

bananafish81 Mon 04-Apr-16 19:31:10

Also Prof Quenby and Brosens at Coventry are vg for recurrent miscarriage

Lucinda15 Mon 04-Apr-16 19:51:15

.....I'm a little nervous I'm wasting my time now after reading that!! I wonder if they will allow us to pay for some of the tests if they can't do some on NHS?? confused

bananafish81 Mon 04-Apr-16 20:02:52

Definitely go with the NHS as it might well be that they can really help you!

But if they say 'there's nothing wrong it's just bad luck', then that isn't necessarily the case

It's also very common with immunes related recurrent miscarriage for it to be related to secondary infertility. Both friends I mentioned have sons and only miscarried trying for a sibling.

The book 'Is your body baby friendly' by Dr Alan Beer is well worth reading. The NHS says there isn't enough evidence for immunes as a cause of miscarriage so they won't test and won't treat - and not all recurrent miscarriage is immunes related. If you have a clotting disorder it may well be they can sort you out completely!

But if they say there's nothing wrong and it's just bad luck, if you can go private it's possible you may get some answers and some treatment.


bananafish81 Mon 04-Apr-16 21:27:14

Also if your first child was a boys it is very possible that recurrent miscarriages are caused by an immunes reaction set off by the first pregnancy.

I'm IVF and we'll be adding immunes medication into my next cycle as belt and braces, but all three of my friends mentioned before are/were TTC naturally. All fall pregnant very easily. But struggle to stay pregnant. The two who got tested and treated are now nearly into the second trimester and further than they ever got in their last three pregnancies. The third is now going to go for the private tests and I really hope she will be joining them with a successful pregnancy too. So immunes treatment isn't just for IVF, even though the clinics might be IVF clinics xx

bananafish81 Mon 04-Apr-16 21:31:05

Oh and all three fell pregnant very easily with their little boys the first time. Only had problems staying pregnant trying for a sibling. Xx

Badgergirl123 Tue 26-Apr-16 01:23:32

Hi Penguins,
We seem to be in similar situations! I have no problems getting pregnant either, usually happens the first or second month of trying, but none have stuck so far and I had three first trimester miscarriages in 2015. Last one happened just before Christmas and we decided to get everything tested privately in the new year after blood tests run by NHS didn't identify a problem and there was nothing more they could offer. We live in Glasgow and used a local clinic to us. We were both karatyped for possible chromosomal problems (£200 each), no problems here. I had an ovarian assessment (£250) which showed good quality and quantity eggs and better than average AMH for my age (36). DH had a DNA sperm fragmentation test (£700) which showed above average damage but consultant assured us it was not of a level to be causing our problems. Final test was the uterine nk cells test (£650) which one of the earlier posters talked about with Professor Quenby at Warwick who offers it cheaper than what we paid in an nhs facility, and we finally found something - result was 16% which is way higher than it should be. We just got another bfp so have started treatment plan of steroids and cloxane. It's super early days but at least we have something to try this time. If it isn't too much of a burden financially I would recommend private testing as it at least helps you know where you stand rather than just blindly hoping next time may work (which it always might tho!). I wish you all the very best, there are lots of us who understand exactly how you feel :-)

ChewyGiraffe Tue 26-Apr-16 08:38:36

I'm so sorry for all of your losses flowers. I've been there myself again recently and it's totally heartbreaking.

Lots of good advice on here, but having had a ruinously expensive panel of blood tests at the Miscarriage Clinic and subsequently having gone to Prof Quenby's /Brosens' implantation clinic at Coventry hospital [- here's a link], I can second the above posters and highly recommend the service at Coventry. An endometrial biopsy and thorough consultation/review of your history, all for less than £400, just brilliant.

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