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First period after d&c

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Hgiggles31 Sat 02-Apr-16 11:17:05

Hi, this is only my second post on here but I have sent myself demented. I had a blighted ovum in January followed by a D&c. It turned out I had retained tissue so needed a further d&c to remove it. I was doing ovulation tests following this and I ovulated 6 days after I stopped bleeding. Then exactly 14 days later I had really bad period pains followed by a bleed of only 1 day. I'm so scared that there's not scarring or problems as to why I haven't had a proper period. I was really happy that my period came exactly as planned but just only 1 day of bleeding has seriously sent me demented worrying. I wondered if it was because I've had to have two d&cs but I've started researching asherman's syndrome and now I can't concentrate on doing anything. Can someone please help
Thanks x

Bonbonelperro Sun 03-Apr-16 21:26:29

Hi, sorry for your loss and about how worried you are. I don't know much about asherman's as to be honest I am too worried to google it! I recently had an ERPC after a mmc so aware that it is a risk. However, I know the first cycle after a loss can be all over the place so I would try not to panic about a short first period. How long is it since you had that first period? Have you thought about seeing your GP, for reassurance if nothing else?

RoTo72 Mon 04-Apr-16 07:07:51

Hi iv have 4 periods after erpc. 1st a little more painful and heavy than usual. (I went back on BC after mmc). 2nd normal, 3rd excruciating painful but only lasted one day, 4th normal again.

ktkaye Mon 04-Apr-16 07:19:16

Hi OP. My period after an ERPC in November was exactly like this - barely worth a panty liner! I got really upset about it too. Just to reassure you, my periods the two months following got heavier each time and now I'm pregnant again smile. Like you I was terrified of Ashermans etc but had it pointed out to me that during an ERPC they really clear everything out (in your case they would have been v v thorough second time if they missed something before) so it takes a little while for your womb lining to thicken up again. Hence there's not much to shed the first few times. Hth. And step away from Google! Xx

Hgiggles31 Mon 04-Apr-16 17:56:40

Thank you so much for all your reassurance, it's hard to rationalise when you're on Google and it takes you from one bad thing to the other. My second d&c was on 3rd March and I had a 1 day period exactly 28 days later so I think I need to appreciate the positives too and realise that lots of people don't regulate that quickly. You're also right Kate obsessions with Google really aren't healthy for your mental health but you're post has reassured me so much that it's normal not to be 'normal' right away. If anything it tells me my body might not be ready to be pregnant just yet but we will see, I don't think I would cope with all that again! confused thank you again, and I've stopped googling.. For now xx

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