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Miscarried one of my triplets

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emmaleighjacobs Sat 02-Apr-16 07:42:41


My name's Emmaleigh. I was/am 12 weeks pregnant with triplets (ID twins and a singleton). I had an ultrasound yesterday and found out that my singleton has no heartbeat and based on size, died 3-5 days ago.(4-6 day now). I have had no bleeding or cramping so was blissfully unaware that one of my babies was no longer with us.

I was advised to go home and see what happens over the weekend.If I start to bleed then to go back otherwise they'll see me on Monday.

If I don't bleed, what will happen? I'm terrified I will lose my other two babies.

Emmaleigh x

NeophyteStarfish Mon 04-Apr-16 00:49:00

Hi Emmaleigh,

I'm so sorry I have no advice to offer but just wanted to say that I hope you're ok and that my thoughts are with you.

Starfish x

Pineapple80 Mon 11-Apr-16 05:05:01

Hi EmmaLeigh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't offer advice either but my thoughts are with you. I hope they are able to answer your questions on Monday. Take care thanks

MsMommie Mon 11-Apr-16 05:22:08

No advice, just sending you some love xx

Gungdjur Mon 11-Apr-16 05:24:45

Sorry for your loss. I lost one twin at around the same gestation and my body just reabsorbed him - never had any blood loss or cramping or anything. They implied to me that it was normal enough.

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