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Feeling scared...

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Ceecee207 Tue 29-Mar-16 21:56:39

Hi everyone. I'm currently 8 weeks and am really worried that I'm having a miscarriage. I had a little bleed of bright red blood when I was 6+4 but it only lasted about a day before turning brown and stringy (sorry for tmi). Yesterday I started to bleed very red blood again but this time it was heavier. I also passed quite a few clots about 1-2cm long. I've been quite crampy too, mostly it's mild but sometimes the pain is quite strong. I'm using pads now and going through 3 a day. Basically I feel exactly like I'm having a period. I'm still bleeding this evening though I'm not passing as many clots. I have a scan at my EPU tomorrow and am really nervous. I know I won't know for sure until the scan but does it sound like I've miscarried? It's my first pregnancy and I feel so helpless and clueless.

scoobyloobyloo Tue 29-Mar-16 22:04:09

I'm so sorry this is happening to you ceecee.

I've been where you are and know how distressing it is.

Unfortunately there is just no way of knowing whether this is a mc or a threatened one. Even if you have a scan it can only tell you if baby is ok at that moment. It is an awful wait and see process.

If it goes very painful or you start passing large clots, you can go to A&E. In the meantime, take some paracetamol and lots of rest.

Ceecee207 Tue 29-Mar-16 22:30:42

Thanks scoobyloo; I'm sorry you've been through this too but thank you for offering your advice. The waiting game really is horrible; you never see this kind of thing on TV or in the movies. I know that sounds so silly but I always just assumed if I was having a mc I'd know right away; it's so much more ambiguous than I thought it would be. I really don't know what to expect tomorrow but I'm not feeling very optimistic at the moment. Fingers crossed for some good news.

scoobyloobyloo Wed 30-Mar-16 07:23:23

I've had 2 mc, 1 threatened mc (which resulted in dd aged 8). You're so totally right that it feels 'wrong' to not know heather you have mc or not. Part o this is because not enough people talk about what happens when they do mc. I would say most people wouldn't know for the first 3-4 days unless it is sudden ad dramatic as my first one was, although I had had 3 days spotting before the drama started (I was 12 wks).

I so hope everything turns out ok for you, just know that you're not the only one who has been through or who is going through what you are now.

Ceecee207 Wed 30-Mar-16 20:56:04

Well it wasn't good news today. The midwife said that it looks like the baby stopped developing at about 6 weeks. With all the bleeding I'm having she said I could expect to pass the foetal sac (?) in the next few days. Not looking forward to that much; I really just want it to be over. Thank you again for your help scoobyloo; I feel awful for any woman who has to go through this kind of thing but I'm really grateful for the support.

scoobyloobyloo Thu 31-Mar-16 09:01:35

So sorry ceecee. Both of mine stopped growing at 6-8 wks. The only consolation you can take is that most likely there was something wrong with the embryo and nature did what is kindest. I'm now pg with twins, one of which has no kidneys so incompatible with life but somehow made it past the 6 week mark - I only wish it hadn't now.

I don't know if it might help you but I had a small burial for both. The sac I passed at 6 wks was tiny, like a raisin. The one that I mc at 11 wks, the sac had kept on growing so was larger.

Take it slow and easy, be kind to yourself and when you can, start having hope for the future.


purpleflower23 Thu 31-Mar-16 09:51:35

So sorry Ceecee207 flowers


Sunflower1985 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:06:40


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