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Reassurance scan - anything but

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DrMum83 Sat 26-Mar-16 19:41:29

Hoping to learn of your experiences. I've come away from a private scan a complete mess today and don't know how I'm gonna get through the next two weeks!
So, I'm sure on dates as have tracked ovulation.
The very 'youngest' my pregnancy can be is 6+2.
The scan showed a gestational sac 10x11mm and a crl 2.5mm
Fetal heart pulsations seen.

There is a bleed separate to sac. (I'm not bleeding) Sonograher said could be implantation.
The sonographer said it's too early to give me an accurate gestation but she thinks 'around 5 weeks'
Looking at various things online though, my measurements should put me more at 5+4 / 5+5 and hence I'd only be measuring 4/5 days behind. I'm confused.
I've got a follow up scan in 2 weeks.
Does anyone have any advice/wish to share their experiences? Can there be a discrepancy at this stage like this? I've had a mmc in the past but didn't see a heartbeat then... Is a heartbeat a good sign even if I'm measuring behind dates?

I'm sorry for all those out there going through losses/worry at the moment

Jsy123 Sat 26-Mar-16 22:45:56

I had reassurance scans for my third pregnancy after having 2 miscarriages and I was always worried about the dating as it seemed a bit behind but I think when it's really early in a pregnancy it can be hard to measure everything so I don't always think they are super accurate. I measured behind my calculated date for the first 3 scans and then went for my 12 week scan and I suddenly measured 13 weeks putting me where I thought I should be.

I think it's a really good sign a heartbeat has been seen, hopefully you're next scan will show two weeks growth. I know how anxiety inducing pregnancy after loss is and how painful it is to have to wait those two weeks between scans. My only advice is to try and stay busy, distraction can work wonders for passing the time and keeping your anxiety under control. Good luck!

loveslily Sun 27-Mar-16 09:23:09

I would try not to worry too much about the scans (easier said than done I know) but as Jsy said, I think as long as there is a good heartbeat at this stage all should be well. I know the exact date of my conception and was 17 days when I took my pregnancy test. The test came up 3+ weeks.

My dating scan put my edd at 9/8/15, I estimated it to be more like 29/8/15 and I ended up being induced on 19th and DD arrived by EMCS on 20th. I took from this that my dates were more accurate and basically they 'induced me early' as baby wasn't actually due to arrive til a week later. I also know someone else who had the same thing happen to them.

I was told by my midwife that all scans can vary massively and also depends on the sonographer. I ended up having 9 scans throughout my pregnancy and everything was absolutely fine every time. I'm sure you will be the same!

Good luck OP.

DrMum83 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:01:35

Thank you both for taking the time to share your experiences. I'm feeling a bit better today and trying to be cautiously optimistic!

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