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Miscarriage after strong heart beat detected?

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walkers77 Fri 18-Mar-16 18:36:42

I'm asking for a friend who recently had a loss at 11 weeks after a strong heart beat was detected at 8-9 weeks. For those who have gone through a similar experience and don't mind sharing, was there any indication of what happened? My friend is aware that a strong heart beat typically reduces the miscarriage risk so she is blaming herself but I know it's nothing she has done and she isn't the only one this has happened to.

PacificDogwod Fri 18-Mar-16 18:39:00

Of course she has done nothing wrong, poor her.

I've had 4 MMCs, 3x I had normal fetal heart at 6 and 8 week scans. For the fourth I had a normal scan 2 days prior to the loss at 10+ weeks.

I also had 4 healthy DCs so I am not complaining.

I hope your friend recovers physically and emotionally quickly thanks

PacificDogwod Fri 18-Mar-16 18:39:54

It's the thing with risk, isn't it? You can have a low risk of something happening, and it happens. Or a high risk of it happening, and it doesn't.

I found it helped me to accept a degree of randomness that rules the universe.

nailsathome Fri 18-Mar-16 19:32:47

I have just had an mmc at 13 weeks despite everything looking perfect at 8 weeks.

I had spotting throughout but that means nothing to me as I had no spotting with my first mmc and spotting throughout 2 healthy pregnancies.

Your friend will blame herself and will try to work out what could have happened. All you can do to help is be there to support her, especially when the milestones come around as other people will have forgotten by then.

bananafish81 Fri 18-Mar-16 21:48:29

We heard an incredible heartbeat at 7+1 and then again at 8+5. Then at the 10w scan know Monday there was no heartbeat. I'd had a MMC and the baby had died at 9+3

I had an ERPC the same day and hopefully the tissue testing of the 'products of conception' will give us some answers

The likelihood is that it will have been the same reason that most miscarriages happen - the embryo had chromosomal abnormalities that were incompatible with life.

Until we get the results of the tissue testing we won't know whether the foetus was indeed viable or not, but 9 weeks is around the time the placenta is supposed to take over, so it can be a bit of a make or break time

Other causes can also include clotting disorders, thyroid problems and autoimmune issues. The NHS sadly won't run tests until you've had 3 consecutive losses, but friendly GP may agree to run the thyroid tests (and can't hurt to ask about the thrombophilia tests).

It is absolutely not related to anything your friend did or didn't do. It is a cruel and devastating loss and my heart goes out to her. We had seen and heard the beautiful heartbeat twice and the moment I saw there was no flickering heartbeat on the scan on Monday is unfortunately one that will stay with me forever.

KittyandTeal Sat 19-Mar-16 08:53:28

I had a strong heartbeat Ickes up at 8 weeks, perfect growth at 10 weeks, mini details anomoly scan at 13 weeks with everything perfect and negative harmony screen.

My ds died at 13+1, 1 day after the perfect scan.

We have no answers yet, we're waiting for results of bloods and post mortem but we've been told we will probably never know.

I absolutely blame myself. I know that's stupid but I can't feel any other way.

I was told there is such a wide range of reasons babies die.

💐 For your friend.

walkers77 Mon 21-Mar-16 15:11:46

Thank you for all of your responses, I appreciate it.

marmiteontoast76 Mon 21-Mar-16 16:18:31

We had a strong heartbeat at 12 week scan but baby passed away at 14 weeks although not picked up until later. No cause was found.

Recently had another loss at 19 weeks after seeing heartbeat at 17 weeks. Still awaiting post mortem results.

I know it's nothing I did wrong. Only thing I am blaming is my age.

Sorry to hear your friend's news.

Jw35 Mon 21-Mar-16 16:32:11

Oh these are so sad sad my heart goes out to all of you thanks

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