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Failed medical management? At my wits end

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Keri33 Wed 16-Mar-16 22:08:36

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me or has been in a similar situation and can offer any advice.
5 weeks ago we went for an early scan as my pregnancy symptoms had subsided and it showed that we had lost the baby at 6+3 weeks (I should have been 9 weeks) they sent me away and told me to return for another scan in 2 weeks, I did and it showed the same. I hadn't had any pain or bleeding so nothing was happening naturally.

I opted for medical management last week, it was booked for the date and time that we should have had our 12 week scan 😢 went in, had the tablets, horrific pain started about two hours after and continued for 48 hours, in this time I started spotting brown discharge type (sorry tmi), the pain subsided and I passed a few small brown bits that seemed to be the remainder of the tablets. Since then I have had no pain, Iv stopped wearing pads because the brownish stuff has stopped, I haven't passed any clots or tissue or anything. I called the epas dept who said that it could take up to two weeks to work, I thought as I had been in pain it had started, I'm now panicking that things are stuck or my cervix isn't open enough etc, I have alsorts going through my head. Epas tell me that they won't rescan me and I just have to do a preg test in 2 weeks from now.

My fiancé has had to go back to work, he works away during the week, I'm at home with my 8yo, I'm a student nurse in my final year and I have my first exam the day after they want me to do the test, I start my sign off placement the day after that and I can't have time off. I'm petrified of the thought or erpc (I had one for retained placenta after my daughter was born) I can't believe it's been so long since we found out we'd lost the baby, I thought that having the medical management that would be it and we could move on but I feel stuck in this horrible dark place 😢

I apologise for the long thread, is there anyone out there who has been through the same thing? x

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springishere16 Thu 17-Mar-16 07:58:57

Sorry you're going through this. I had medical management for MMC over christmas but it was quite different to yours. The tablets started working within an hour and I spent most of the day having the miscarriage - there was no doubt what was happening, lots of blood and large clots. Your spotting and brown bits doesn't sound quite enough. My EPU were also clear that it would work straight away, not over a period of 2 weeks.
In the end, I had a small amount of retained products and ended up in hospital with an infection and erpc. The whole thing took months and I'm still not properly recovered from the infection. I think if you can you should push your Epas for a scan, or can you maybe go to your GP and either get a referral or some reassurance that what you've had is normal?
Good luck x

wonkylegs Thu 17-Mar-16 08:22:01

My understanding was that they can take up to 2 weeks to work fully but you should get an indication of whether or not they are working early on.
I had a late miscarraige with failed medical management, I had pain but no bleeding, I was rescanned after a week and booked in for an erpc but that was only because of the time of year (christmas) as otherwise I would have ended up waiting many more weeks. It's a really crappy position to be in and I'm really sorry you are going through it.
My miscarraige drew on reserves of strength and patience I never knew I had. I suspect you will be told to wait however if you feel unwell in anyway (hot, cold, sick, faint) contact them urgently as it could be the sign of an infection. It's the most horrible limbo but you will get past it. Make sure you give yourself and your partner time to grieve and process it. It's hard when you have other children (mine was 6 when I had mine) but they can also be a source of comfort. Hope you get sorted soon and can begin to move on.

Keri33 Thu 17-Mar-16 23:13:14

Hi both, thank you for your replies, sorry you have had to go through all of this too. It's horrible isn't it and seems to be very blazè on the hospital side.

I called epas today and they are going to rescan me on Monday and if nothing has moved then they're going take me straight to theatre, I'm petrified but hopefully it will finally get some resolve and we can move on. X

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