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Cornual pregnancy, surgery, recovery and ttc

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MiniPiglet84 Wed 16-Mar-16 14:08:16

Just over a week ago I had open surgery (similar to c-section) to remove a Cornual pregnancy and my right fallopian tube. I was just wondering if anyone has recently had a similar experience and would be interested to know what information your doctor gave you regarding ttc afterwards. What kind of recovery time are you expecting before being allowed to ttc. My doctor initially said 6 months then it changed to 1 year but I'm wondering if anyone has conceived before the 1year mark and all been OK.

333LuLu Mon 21-Mar-16 20:28:20

I've seen no one has replied to this. Unfortunately I can't help as I suffer from recurrent early mc's however I'd say of you need any help thoughts or advice please speak to the ectopic pregnancy trust (they are lovely!). X

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