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Factor V Leiden and miscarriage

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Prosecco84 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:58:23

Hiya, I have the blood condition Factor V Leiden, i was diagnosed with this after delivering my stillborn son full term. I am blessed with a rainbow baby who is now 16months. I'm trying my hardest to give my son a little brother/sister but I have now had 2 miscarriages in a row (currently going through my second one now), with my rainbow i was advised to take baby aspirin only from 12 weeks along with fragmin injections to thin my blood, but my instinct suggests i should be taking something before 12 weeks.

Did anyone have anything prior to getting to the 12 week? Did your consultant recommended anything?

Thanks xx

HeteronormativeHaybales Sun 06-Mar-16 15:57:37

I was diagnosed with FVL after my fourth mc of 6 in total (non-consecutive - had also had 2 dc by this point). Had heparin from 7 weeks with the next pregnancy but miscarried around 9 - not due to the FVL but to a one-off chromosome problem, the only mc where a definite cause was found. Had it from the positive test (AFAIK current state of research is that aspirin not needed alongside it) with pregnancies 8 and 9 - the former I miscarried, the latter led to my dd.

I think the research is mixed on whether having FVL per se affects pregnancy outcome. though it would seem reasonable to take heparin from the beginning and it felt right to me, although I did miscarry once on that regime.

I am sorry for your losses, especially that of your son.

Plumsieinaonesie Mon 07-Mar-16 01:35:06

Hi I have FVL and currently pg, have been on fragmin injections since I was 5 weeks. In my previous pregnancies I was on low dose from early pregnancy also as I develop clots in my legs quite quickly in to the pregnancy.

I did have a mc after I was diagnosed with FVL and didn't have any injections but they couldn't confirm wether this was due to the FVL or not.

I think if you know it feels right then I would pushed to have it from earlier pregnancy. I've had very good GP's and consultant haemotoligist that have helped me and understood my history.

Sorry for your losses x

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