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Post Miscarriage aches and pains – what’s normal?!

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jacq79 Wed 24-Feb-16 17:18:07

Hi all

I've recently had a miscarriage (missed at 6ish weeks), I've been back and forward to the EPU as they weren't sure if it was all out, the sac was still there, had it shrunk etc. etc.

This went on for nearly 5 weeks back and forth, during this time I bleed for roughly the same amount of time. I had 3 horrendous days of cramping which seemed to empty everything, I continued to bleed for about a week after. The whole time the EPU assured me this was normal.

Its been a week since I stopped bleeding and I'm starting to feel like a human again, BUT I've been left with the most horrendous lower back pain and really weird shooting pains in my back passage. Its agonising to poop (sorry for the TMI)

Does this seem normal? I keep getting told “every pregnancy / miscarriage is different” Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Going to see my GP next week, but I’m really struggling.

RoTo72 Wed 24-Feb-16 18:12:13

Hi I had those after d&c for missed miscarriage. For about a week r so after. Also had pain when I wee'd, sorry TMI. Doc said it was full bladder pressing on uterus. When I pooped it wasn't agony tho, but I was constipated and ended up pulling a muscle in my upper abdomen. If ur not happy tho mention it to doc.

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