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Missed miscarriage - D&C procedure

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Jojobarny38 Mon 22-Feb-16 01:53:10

Sorry for this long thread, want to give as much info as possible.
I'm sat here after having a D and C procedure at 10.30 this morning.
On the 11th Feb my uterus size showed that I was 8 wks 2 day, measuring 31.7 mm. The foetus sadly only showed 6 wks 3 days and measured 6.8 mm. The nurses and the doctor was sure that it was a miss miscarriage until 2 seconds before he was about to pull the pole out we all thought we saw a flicker of bright light on the screen. Finally a bit of hope for me, I was convinced that it was a heartbeat. The previous two scans I had, the first being 3 weeks previous 21st Jan, showed a growth of 5/6 weeks, second scan, two weeks after that showed 6 weeks and no growth in foetus. My last scan on the 18th Feb there was no heartbeat and still no growth. I'd had a silent miscarriage. I was taken into a room to talk about what was next, not being able to decide on that day, just all too much to take in, I remember thinking the d and c was the surest, quickest and least painful way to go.

It has been a very rocky road from the start....In October 2013 I had a hysteroscopy and was told both of my Fallopian tube was blocked and that if the doctor was allowed to tell me I had No chance of conceiving then she would. But medically they're not allowed to say that so was told very very low chance. I also had a septum in my womb and was told if I ever did fall pregnant that my chances of miscarriage was high because of this and because of my age, I'm now 38.
Dec 2015, had signs and symptoms that was taken as possible stroke related, went into A&E had X-ray, head ct scan, but nothing showed up that it was a stroke. Went back to docs a few days later, I still felt heavily lethargic, was prescribed antibiotics as my X-ray showed inflamed sinuses, told to take antihistamines too. Still feeling tired and now nauseous on the antibiotics and someone close to saying I reckon your pregnant, I took a home pregnancy test (5 in total) which was all positive. Me and my partner was in a state of shock. I was completely flabbergasted, never believed it could happen form me, I spent that week with the most amazing feeling ever inside me and it was so so beautiful. I was internally happy, but freaking out also because of what I'd gone through. I minimised my active lifestyle, went on light duties at work and enjoyed this miracle that had happened.
Because of all I'd gone through I thought it best that I had a scan asap, the hospital was happy to do that for me, in retrospect I kinda wish I hadn't. As at my second scan with the fact my baby hadn't shown growth I now had major worry issues on top of already fearing that I was a high risk miscarriage patient. It has crossed my mind would I still be in this place now tonight if I'd of just waited for the 12 week scan like normal. But then on the other hand I'm gleam I did as I would of suffered a natural miscarriage.
From my own calculations I should of been 9/10 weeks pregnant, all of my 3 scans show baby to of been 6 week 3-5 days, so that means my body has held onto this pregnancy for at least 3-4 weeks, with NO signs of miscarriage, NO cramping, NO bleeding. I've read a lot about people's experiences of natural miscarriage, the thought of one happening anywhere and at any time too, and having to experience all that pain and all the bleeding and passing of the baby etc frightened the hell out of me. Especially as my body wasn't letting go, I didn't know when or where it could happen, or face the emotional turmoil of that being the case. I'd already spent enough time panicking 'will I see blood this time after going to the toilet' will I get bad cramps today, tomorrow etc. It's so worrying to know you could possibly miscarriage at any point, but after seeing no heart beat and knowing a miscarriage was going to happen, now that was unbearable.
My D&C op, The nursing staff and my surgeon was brilliant, kind, caring and considerate. Was told all I needed to know. I cried as I was going under and I cried as soon as I came round. The anaesthetic was sore as it was administered. I was in theatre for a hour, went back up to the ward where I was looked after for the rest of the day brilliantly. Spent 12hr in hospital due to low blood pressure. No pain after to op, first wee there was a lot of blood but by my third wee there was only blood when I wiped and has been like that since. I felt some discomfort in the afternoon and was given paracetamol.
Now this evening I felt a slight pain when I moved in a certain way but nothing major or constant. Had ibuprofen and paracetamol before bed and as I could feel very mild cramping. But nothing after pain killers kicked in.
Whilst I was laid there waiting to go into surgery I did feel very uncomfortable/embarrassed with what was about to happen and thought crap maybe I should of gone with the natural way, but up until that point the natural way was be far the scariest option, for me anyway.
Mentally, emotionally and physically the d and c route was my best option. It was the hardest thing to finally say goodbye to my miracle, Just when I was getting use to not ever getting pregnant in my lifetime, I fall pregnant...... Then just when I'm getting use to being pregnant, to wow I'm a mum, it all gets taken away from me. I don't understand and I will never forget.....

Thank you for reading my experience, I do hope the it helps others. I read what I wrote next so where and it brought me some small amount of comfort

When people say your expecting, they are wrong. The life of your baby has already arrived, when they say your going to Be a mum, they are wrong as you already are, you was the day life choose to be inside you.

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Bunny19 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:22:04

I'm so sorry for your terrible loss thanks big hugs xxx

charlotte1990 Wed 24-Feb-16 22:19:11

Sorry for your loss this brought a tear to my eye.
I hope all works out for you in the future x

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