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Is this really happening to us ... and will it again ?

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ketchupkimmy88 Sun 21-Feb-16 23:06:49

Hi All,

I lost our baby on Monday 11th Jan. I was had brown clots throughout the day and cramps that increased on to red blood . I passed the baby at home and then was taken to hospital where they confirmed it was a miscarriage and the doctor removed parts that was left . Blood test were taken and I was then sent home to bleed naturally. I went to the EPU unit the next day and they confirmed that my body had removed everything and that I would expect to bleed for two weeks then try again after my first period. My HPG levels were very low by then i was informed.

I didn't have a easy pregnancy as I suffered from a lot of pain in my womb the first 7 weeks and brown clots a lot of the time.

I bleed for about 11 days then had about one weeks of brown clots again. I've been clear for weeks now with no sign of a periods apart from the PMT.

The other week I had loads of cervical mucus which i've never had before. Me and my partner are still having sex without protection . I have PSO and scared it will take too long for my next period to come .

Last Wednesday night I was in a lot pain in my womb area on the oppersite side to where I was last pregnant but only for one night then it went .

Still no sign of period so far ... I took a test but it was negative which i'm not sure is a good of bad sign...

I total feel like I don't know my own body and more and deep down I hate my body for what its done.

A lot of people say " it happens for a reason"... well i can't see why this has happened ... I took my folic acid and done everything i should of been doing ...but i have been robbed of my baby by my own body and I'm scared I wont get another chance . My periods have always been all over the place and I was took a few years ago I have PCO which only makes me feel more under pressure.

Anyone else still waiting for there period or experianced pain long after they lost there little one?

AmyB1986 Mon 22-Feb-16 09:34:34

Hi, so sorry for your loss.

I'm still waiting for my period after losing my baby on the 20th Jan. My bleeding stopped and I spotted after everything had passed for about 2 weeks.

Same as you, lots of cm and awful pains. The pains were ovulation and I spotted around ovulation too. I'm still getting cramps though 8 days past ov. Myself and DH have also not been using any protection.

I've been told the pains are normal and it's everything settling back down to pre pregnancy.

I know a lot of people who have had mc's and gone on to have healthy babies in their second pregnancy.

I'm one of those, I lost twins at 21+5 and went on to have two healthy daughters in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. This loss would have been my 4th pregnancy.

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