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Another early scan tomorrow. Can I have some handholding, happy thoughts and your own positive experiences of this please?

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ThisIsNotMyHat Sun 21-Feb-16 17:02:30

I got a positive test in the middle of January and I had an early scan (because of previous suspected ectopic) at what I thought was ~6 weeks but all it showed was an empty gestational sac measuring about 5 - 51/2 weeks. The sonographer was nice and said not to worry just come back in 10 days. I went back at what I thought was 7 1/2 weeks. The sac had grown and a yolk sac could be seen but no foetal pole. I was told to come back in 7 days (tomorrow) but she wasn't as positive this time sad

The thing is, I've been exhausted, my boobs have been sore the entire time and this week I've gone between feeling really hungry (waking up in the middle of the night!) to queasy pretty much all day. Honestly, if I hadn't had these early scans I would be thinking everything was progressing as normal! From what I've read it seems possible that I've been measuring a week behind so at last week's scan I would have been only 6 ½ weeks along which, from what I've read, can be borderline for seeing the foetal pole and a heartbeat. I'm hoping that's the case and that tomorrow when I go in everything will be fine but I'm just so worried. I've had 2 previous miscarriages (years apart) and I had bleeding with both of them but apart from a bit of brown staining with this one, it's been fine.

Does any one have any positive stories to keep me going until tomorrow? This has been the longest week ever and today is just dragging by sad

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whiteychappers Sun 21-Feb-16 17:05:04

Wishing lots of luck and best wishes flowers

Jenjen85 Sun 21-Feb-16 17:38:27

ThisIsNotMyHat I had an early scan end of December as got pregnant on the coil shock and was bleeding, it showed a small sac but with nothing in it and the sonographer wasn't very optimist. Had a follow up scan a week later and it had grown with a visible yolk sac and the very start of a heartbeat must have been very late 5wks???. Had another scan 2 weeks later and was dated around 7wks+4 (altho could be later) with a very visible heartbeat. Got my 12ish week scan on Wednesday. The 2 weeks between my scans dragged so I totally sympathise. Your symptoms sound promising as I was exactly the same. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow flowers

ThisIsNotMyHat Sun 21-Feb-16 19:57:22

Thank you both. I've just finished half a jar of pickles blush I'm second guessing every niggle and twinge. Thank you for sharing your experience Jenjen. This will be just over 2 ½ weeks from that first scan so I'm really hoping there will be something visible. I hope your 12 week scan goes well. thanks

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Everythinggettingbigger Sun 21-Feb-16 19:58:17

No experience but just wanted to say good luck and I hope all goes well flowers

TattieHowkerz Sun 21-Feb-16 20:10:06

Good luck for tomorrow thanks

There was another poster on here recently with a similar story, she thought the subsequent scan was to confirm a mmc. There was a lovely wee baby with the heart beating away. Hoping for the best for you tomorrow, certainly sounds like you have a chance x

Awrstickthekettleon Sun 21-Feb-16 20:30:17

Very best of luck tomorrow OP thanks

jellycat1 Sun 21-Feb-16 21:45:57

Symptoms definitely sound promising. Best of luck.

CooPie10 Sun 21-Feb-16 22:04:59

Best of lucksmile

Oysterbabe Mon 22-Feb-16 10:17:41

Good luck. Let us know how you get on flowers

sparkleshine83 Mon 22-Feb-16 10:42:02

I spent the first few weeks worried sick about m/c. I booked myself an early scan privately for 8 1/2 weeks and when she turned the screen on it was really obvious, there was a foetus in a circular sac and she took one look and said 'it's a baby, with a heartbeat' and then zoomed in so that we could also make out that tiny beautiful flicker-flicker-flicker super-fast. I burst into tears, of course.

After the scan I gave my S/O a hug and promised him, "Now I can stop driving you mad!" Of course, he's been the repository for all those anxieties and worries for the past few weeks. The U/S lady laughed and said, "No she won't!" She went on to say that with little ones, you never stop worrying even when they're fully grown.

Of course, now I'm back to worrying again... I try to manage the anxiety by telling myself if there is a problem, it wasn't meant to be but it doesn't mean there's no chance of it happening in the future. Plus the chances of problems are low and as others have said, your symptoms and what you've described it sounds very hopeful.

I hope this helped anyway, and I wish you all the best.

ThisIsNotMyHat Mon 22-Feb-16 10:42:29

Thank you for all your kind wishes.

Unfortunately there has been no growth this week so it doesn't look like it is going to work out.

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fairgroundsnack Mon 22-Feb-16 10:51:39

so sorry hat - look after yourself x

sparkleshine83 Mon 22-Feb-16 11:18:17

I'm so sorry sad

3luckystars Mon 22-Feb-16 12:12:06

Oh I'm sorry, that is terrible. The waiting between scans is just awful too. Sorry you are going through this, I know what it feels like and I just hope everyone is nice to you during this difficult time.
Take care of yourself x

Everythinggettingbigger Mon 22-Feb-16 14:07:31

So sorry to hear that, look after yourself flowers

ThisIsNotMyHat Mon 22-Feb-16 19:38:25

Thank you for your posts.

I'm going to ask for this to be moved. It doesn't seem right for it to be in the pregnancy section now and I don't want to worry or upset anyone. thanks

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TattieHowkerz Mon 22-Feb-16 21:44:12

Sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself.

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