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What was your bleeding like following a late miscarriage?

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obsessed1 Fri 12-Feb-16 14:39:35

Hello, I'm hoping some of you might be able to help by telling me what your bleeding was like following a late miscarriage. Basically my dh and I are desperate to try for a baby again asap and not sure how long it will take to get back to 'normal' (cycle-wise).

Sadly I was pg with identical twins, but discovered via a scan at 19 weeks they had both passed away. Looks like ttts. I had to be induced, and gave birth to my tiny babies on 22/01/16. 😥 after much thought, we have decided that the best thing for us is to try again as soon as physically possible. However, I would rather wait until my next period, because I suffered an earlier miscarriage previously, tried again that same month and convinced myself I was pg, test showed positive, but period soon followed and I realise it was probably remaining hormones from mc pg confusing me.

Following this latest mc I had heavy bleeding, with clots and tissue, which seemed to be tailing off after about two weeks. Then 15 days pmc I had a sudden gush of watery blood, so much so I initially thought I'd wet myself, it soaked through heavy duty pad and knickers. Since then bleeding has resumed to a more or less constant, steady flow. It has now been 3 weeks since mc and seems to be showing no sign of letting up.

After the 'gush' I phoned hospital for advice, concerned it might be a sign of complications, as I also started cramping at the same time. The mw suggested it might be my period, but I initially dismissed this as it had only been 2weeks when my cycle is usually around 24 days and extremely light. But now I'm beginning to wonder and hope that it is my period... I'm just so desperate to get back to normal and start again. But it's so hard when I don't know where I am cycle wise. Have bought a pg test to use tomorrow, to check whether it's showing up negative yet. I just wondered if anyone else who has had a late mc might be able to shed some light on how long your bleeding took, what it was like, and whether your next period was normal and how long it took to get back to your cycle? This is really doing my head in! We have already been through so much! Xxxxxxx

obsessed1 Fri 12-Feb-16 20:39:10


charlotte1990 Fri 12-Feb-16 20:45:06

I didn't have a miscarriage as far along as you did. I had bleeding over Xmas when I was about 8-9 weeks had a scan a week later and found the baby had stopped growing and was only showing about 5-6 weeks. I'm sorry for what you have gone through sad
I had my erpc on the 13th of Jan and bled for a week and a half after. Then nearly 2 weeks later I had a period which started last Saturday and I'm just finishing now so you may not be that far off from your period. We are in the same boat going to try again from now on they say it's best after your first period so fingers crossed the doctor told me to take folic acid from now xx

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 12-Feb-16 21:01:57

I'm really sorry for your loss. I've been through similar and know how hard I found it.

I had bleeding for about 3 weeks, then two weeks after it stopped I got my first period. It was definitely heavier than previous ones.

In your position I'd contact the hospital for advice on the bleeding.

Fwiw I was also desperate to get pregnant again ASAP, but it took me a while. I hope you're luckier than me, but please be kind to yourself in the meantime.

AmyB1986 Thu 18-Feb-16 09:47:57

Hi- I went through almost exactly the same as you. My identical twins were born at 21+5 after twin 1's membranes were ruptured in a car accident.
After their birth, I bled for 11 days exactly. 28 days later I had my period, it was normal just a lot heavier than previously. My Drs didn't call it a late miscarriage they called it a pre-term birth as with twins your uterus is as big as a singleton full term pregnancy after 20 weeks. They called it postpartum bleeding and told me as with any delivery they say bleeding can last up to 6 weeks.
I had a chemical pregnancy on my second cycle, this messed my cycle up. My cycles went 32, 32, 27 after that.

So sorry for your loss, wishing you luck TTC again but don't put too much pressure on yourself you've been though a lot. Take it easy thanks

KittyandTeal Thu 18-Feb-16 18:41:07

I had a tfmr at 22weeks although dd2 was measuring 19ish weeks by then. I bled for 10 days ish. A few odd days of brown blood during the month then first period about 4 weeks after my bleeding finished.

I'm so sorry you lost your twins 💐

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 18-Feb-16 22:03:31

I had a late miscarriage at 20 weeks. Induction and delivery. I bled for 2-3 weeks fairly lightly for most of it. Period about 4 weeks after the bleeding stopped. I then conceived that cycle, produced a healthy DD at 40 weeks.

I've also had a tfmr at 13 weeks, MUCH more bleeding, a steady slow stream constantly interspersed (after the first 2 weeks) with at least daily bouts of contracting and clot passing. The first time that happened I flooded totally it was really heavy and I totally freaked out, thought it was a haemorrage, contracted painfully for 5 hours after that. Milder episodes of this continued for almost another month. I eventually stopped bleeding after 6 weeks, and am pretty certain that the final 4 days of bleeding was a period. They did warn me that the bleeding can continue all the way up to your next period which can be heavier than normal as it's sort of "flushing out" any remnants of womb lining that were still in there. That was a fortnight ago and I think I may have now ovulated, so waiting to see if that is the case, in which case period should be along in a bit.

I'm so sorry you are going through this and have lost your precious babies x

obsessed1 Sat 20-Feb-16 19:35:36

Thank you so much for the replies. It just goes to show how different everyone is. I'm now 4wks post mc and am still bleeding. Today had heavy clots. It's getting depressing as on Thursday was convinced it was stopping again. It seems like it'll never end!! 😥

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