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Early Miscarriage - 5-6 weeks. How much did you bleed?

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fettle Thu 28-Dec-06 20:04:26

Hi All
I found out I was pg 2 weeks ago, but 10 days ago I started spotting, which turned to red bleeding after 2 days. This red bleeding continued for 3 days, but never very heavy - didn't really need to change my protection all day except for obvious freshness reasons! (sorry TMI). Then continued spotting until a couple of days ago, so a week in total. Anyway, I have had a negative pg test now and although my GP tried to refer me for a scan to check all had gone, the EPU refused to see me, as I count as an early mc. Having had a missed mc at 9 weeks back in Feb of this year, for which I had to have 2 ERCPs, I'm obviously a bit concerned that I haven't bled enough.
I would have thought that I would have expected at least a normal AF amount, if not heavier, but certainly not lighter! Especially as this cycle I conceived on was 56 days long.
Hope someone can reassure me from their experience that a BFN means that it should all be over and we can start trying again.

Thank you!

Keeley1986gale Fri 14-Jul-17 16:36:29

Hi i am going though hell my doctor wont tell me nothing so i have no clue i was told i miscarried but had scan they see yolk sac but not the rest im so confused i am in bits im still bleeding and i have to wait 2 weeks for another scan its killing me

kmn0310 Sat 03-Jun-17 12:02:50

Hello All

I am confused and looking for advice/support. I am 5 weeks pg. I have been going to the toilet every 15 mins and then on Thursday started weeing blood.... so booked a doctors appointment on Friday. I am only bleeding when on toilet sometime light-moderate and wiping, none in pad. No fever or cramps other than lower back pain. Doctor wasn't too concerned about m/c as it is so early but did think I had a UTI. I started the antibiotics yday and have had 3. Now the bleeding has stopped. If I do a PG test and it is positive.. does this mean I'm Ok... or could I still have miscarried?
Thanks In advance.

Lizziedoll Tue 13-Dec-16 19:20:39

Hello I had an early mc in July at 5-6 weeks and bled for less than a week, it wasn't heavier or more painful than a period. In fact if I hadn't known it was a miscarriage I would've thought it was a normal period. Emotionally it was hard at first (it was my first pregnancy) but 5 months on I'm fully recovered and I am pregnant again. Be gentle with yourself, I am sorry for your loss flowers

Ano172 Tue 13-Dec-16 13:28:35

Hello everyone.

I'm not really sure what is going on with my body at the minute. For a few weeks now I've had period like pains (back cramps and pain in my stomach on and off and feeling nausea a lot of the time.) However my period never came I did a home pregnancy test and it was negative but something in the back of my mind was saying that I was but it just didn't show on the test yet. A few days ago I started bleeding well spotting more clumps than blood then last night me and my boyfriend had sex and I bleed everywhere not a little blood like a lot! I was in a lot of pain and I can't help but think maybe I'm misscarriaging.. maybe I'm just over think.

If anyone could offer me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what to do and I'm so worried..


Mel2016 Sun 04-Sep-16 23:29:49

I have just suffered from misscarriage after having 2 normal pregnancy Befote and both great I don't understand why they said I had a hematoma witch think that's why lost baby at six weeks but didn't have none with others I really want to try again but really scared that same thing will happen can't get over my fear

Smurf123 Thu 01-Sep-16 17:12:06

I should be 9 weeks.. I went for booking appointment last Thursday when the sonographer said baby/sac was too small measuring 6 weeks 4 days.. Either wrong dates or early miscarriage. After a very long week wait we had another scan today which confirmed our baby stopped growing :-( I've had no cramps and no bleeding at all so it was a total shock for us. Now we've been sent home to consider our options and I have no idea what's best.. To wait naturally (but how long will that take!?) to take tablets or d and c.. I'm nt good with doctors and hospitals at the best of time but I really never thought it was possible to "miscarry" without there being any signs.. :-(

Jayboo78 Wed 10-Aug-16 18:09:27

I 5 days 2 day and since Monday I have had little cramping and spotting! But today the cramping got worst and blood lost heavy with some blood clots! sad
I have laid down most of the day and blood lost is only when I wipe or go to the bathroom and cramps have eased with some pain killers!!
I still having sore breast and feeling sick
I just don't know if I am misscarrying as i lost at 6 weeks last year and I was in pain and losing a lot more blood then I!!
My midwife just told me to rest and do a test in a few days
I really hopping for the best but I don't think I will sad

aimeeg92 Sat 16-Jul-16 08:13:15

Firstly I'm so sorry for all of your losses, it has broken my heart reading the stories on this threadsad

Parisgiff31 I'm currently in a situation similar to yours hunny. 8 days ago I had an early scan due to some pains in my left side and my GP was concerned it may be ectopic (according to my dates I should have been 6 weeks). The scan showed pregnancy was in the correct place and although pregnancy sac and yolk sac could be seen, they could not see a fetal pole and asked me to return in 10 days time for a follow up scan to confirm viability (as she said I may be a little behind with my dates and baby may be too small to pick up).

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday I noticed some brown spotting in my pants and intermittent very mild feelings in my lower middle area, I called the midwife who referred me for another scan. At this scan the sonographer said she could see the yolk sac had grown and could see a small fetus measuring 2mm putting me at 5 weeks but no heartbeat, she was very positive and reassuring saying baby is too small for a heartbeat and to go back for another scan in a week, saying not to be concerned about the spotting as she couldn't see the source of the bleed and it sounded like old blood perhaps from the cervix.

Feeling half concerned, half relieved we headed back to the waiting room to see the consultant. When we were called in, she immediately stated "well it appears you've had a miscarriage" and wanted to discuss our "options" we were absolutely shocked as our conversation 10 minutes before with the sonographer had been so positive!! After explaining this she went to talk to the sonographer and came back what felt like a lifetime later (I had broken down by this point crying my eyes out) she said the sonographer did want to see me again in a week to confirm viability but she was not happy she had been so positive with us as to her it wasn't positive as the baby had only grown 0.1mm in a week and it should have grown 2mm. I asked her how on earth she could know this when the previous sonographer told me she could not even see the fetal pole at the previous scan. She proceeded to show me the report from the previous scan where a fetal pole length of 1.9mm had been written on the sheet and didn't look as though she believed me when I told her the sonographer had told me multiple times she could not see the fetal pole and that's why she referred me for another scan 10 days later in the first place!

I called the midwife after to tell her all that had happened, she was really angry at the situation and has assured me her manager is going to be looking into it but unfortunately all I can do now is wait until next Friday for another scan. Heartbroken and devastated don't even come close to the way I am feeling, and I don't know whether to cling onto the hope from the sonographer or accept the news from the consultation, and what to think about my first scan I do not know, why would she lie about not seeing a fetal pole of there was one? I feel so lost and go through patches of feeling numb, and then breaking down unexpectedly. I'm not sure what feedback I am looking for from this post, I just don't know how this could be happening. Just an update from the brown spotting yesterday, once I got home the spotting stopped and touch wood hasn't returned yet, I've had a couple of odd sensations in my lower middle area but nothing I would consider painful. Can anyone shed any light on this?sad

Parisgiff31 Thu 23-Jun-16 17:12:33

Hi im around 5 to 6 weeks pregnant but 2 days ago i had some blood when i wiped not much but was there the hospital sent me to epau where they have done a internal scan but they said was too early to see im still coming up positive on pregnancy test and they did my hormone levels and came back at 450 odd and the bleeding doesnt seem like it is there now i have another blood test tomorrow to see whats happening with hormone level but im really nervous and i have had no pain as such but i have ad a ache at bottom of my stomach do you think im miscarring or as others had this during pregnancy x

docha12 Mon 16-May-16 14:05:46

Hi all
I was having lunch with my partner and all of a sudden I had really bad pains in my lower stomach, we went home I sat onto the toilet and blood just came poring out we rushed to the GP and he gave us a referral to the hospital me and my partner waited three for 11hrs! Finally they saw us they took my blood and asked me questions and the Doctor said I have to get an ultra sound. We where waiting at the mischarge section for wemon it was so sad to sit there I was so upset we finally went in to get a internal scan and he had told us that we are having a miscarriage. It's our first child we are very devistaded. We are still in tears now, I think it will last a while.
Poor little angel mummy and daddy love you halo

Jazzyboo2016 Thu 03-Mar-16 23:23:44

Hi i am 5 weeks today with mild cramps and bleeding after intercourse last night.could I be miscarrying I'm very scared I miscarried before but it was very painful any suggestions?

leeann89 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:21:15

Hi everyone. Looking for abit of advice really.. I miscarried recently (23rd Jan) at 7 weeks after bleeding heavy with pain and clots .. nurses at epas were happy for me just to miscarry naturally as process already started.. just abit concerned that it has been over 3 weeks now and no sign of it stopping and now I'm getting lower back pain and passing small clots again. . Little worried so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks smile

mikelin Fri 15-Jan-16 12:28:38

pls I had mc 5weeks after pg. my doctor told me to come for flushing/evacuation while my snographer said I shouldn't since she can't find any particle in my womb after scanning. I am confused. bleeding have stopped

abbyliebtdeutsch Mon 05-Oct-15 19:38:59

I M/C at 4 weeks. It started with very little spotting--I didn't know I was even pregnant until I had a 3 week 'period'. after the discovery I bled for another 2.5 weeks (5.5 in total), with irregular bleeding--it would be light, skip a day, then be so heavy that I needed to change my pad once an hour.

I hope this is your last M/C and that you have a successful pregnancy soon!

Pinkkitten160714 Thu 20-Aug-15 08:57:29

Hey, think I'm miscarry get I'm 5 weeks and a few days, bleeding and clots and really bad pains I had a miscarriage on the 12.4.15 this year was really bad was in hospital for a week, and I had seizures and passing out for 2 days, a little scared as I don't want it to happen like that again, no one knew I was pregnant apart from my partner, what do I do?

achav96 Sun 09-Aug-15 02:47:00

Hello, I found out I was pregnant last month, two weeks later I woke up and the bleeding started but with no cramping. I went to the emergency room and as I was there the bleeding got heavier I was also passing clots (sorry TMI) . I found out I had a miscarriage. The bleeding went on for a week. I had mild cramps but these cramps werent compared to my normal period cramps. After the week me and my boyfriend started to have sex again during it everything is great. Its been about two weeks since ive miscarried and im feeling mild pelvic discomfort and im not sure if i am ovulating or I might have an infection. I am passing white mucus stuff (again sorry tmi) so im just not sure. Please feel free to comment your answers

Jorjasmummy2014 Wed 29-Jul-15 12:44:19

Hi all I'm pregnant but been bleeding for about a week and half now been for a scan but got told I was too early to see goin back on Monday I have no cramping or anything else apart from the bleeding cud I be misscarriageing my second baby plz help I'm really scared

3under4 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:22:54

Bobbert14 I have the same, started to MC on Friday evening, still getting waves of nausea and tender breasts, it's heartbreaking. My doctor told me the same, I should be 7 weeks, although I would describe the bleeding as heavy spotting I know I've miscarried, it seems my head is ahead of my body! I'm sorry for what your going through x

bobbert14 Tue 07-Jul-15 14:57:36

Has anyone else had this? I got a bfp on friday putting me at 5 weeks today. On friday and until Sunday I was cramping badly back and front, with just bright red clots and light spotting, now today I'm bleeding lightly no clots, my womb feels heavy and I still have pg symptoms but don't think I'm pregnant
My doctor just said go home and take another test in a few days but it's most probably negative. How long will it take for my symptoms to go away? Everytime i feel them it kills me

kim13 Tue 17-Feb-15 10:30:30

Hi everyone I'm new on here. so sorry to hear of everyone's losses. This is quite a long story so sorry if it takes a while to explain. I had a scan at 8 weeks 2 days and no baby found was told I'd had a missed miscarriage at 6 weeks I returned 10 days later 9 weeks 5 days to be told womb was empty I'd had a complete miscarriage with just 3 days off spotting I've now got bad cramps amd av passed just 2 clots which looked like tissue an still light spotting. Not sure if bleeding will get worse or if to expect any more clots as I wasn't expecting any clots was told just to expect a heavier period but bleeding is still only spotting. Just thought I'd tell my experience as everyone is different. I wish all of you the best of luck with your next pregnancies.

AlexArmbrustMMA Mon 16-Feb-15 05:38:23

Hello everyone. I'm very sorry to hear about your stories. I had my 1st son wonderful he was perfect no complications at all. Today, I woke up with a clot on my panties. It was a circle with a cord attached. I had cramps and abdominal pain. Now I'm having bleeding as if I was on my period which I'm nsadot supposed to get till about a week and half. I'm on the pill so I'm honestly not sure if I miscarriages or what is going on with me? I thought maybe 5 weeks ago I could have been pregnant but I took a test it came out negative and I'm always super careful because I train a lot of MMA and really want to focus on that before I have another child. Today I notice after walking around the carnival with my son after passing that weird clot I felt tired and exhausted and pains. Which is no big deal because I run 7 miles like nothing. I shouldn't have been tired from just walking.... What is going on please explain someone sad I appreciate it if anyone could tell me if it was a MC.

vivaanew Fri 13-Feb-15 05:57:29

First of all, I pray for very sticky baby dust to all of us so we can finally have one or two or more healthy babies after MC.

I had a MC 2 days ago, about 7 weeks along. I bled a little bit, I passed a small blood clot. I barely soaked one heavy flow size pad after I passed the blood clot. That night, went to ER, they said my uterus was already empty. Less than 24 hours later, I stopped bleeding. Is this normal?

I may need to see a doctor later to make sure everything is ok. I don't know why my MC was more like a light period, no physical pain. I am just in so much emotional pain right now. I am dying to have another baby! I have an 18 months old girl. I just turned 35, both pregnancies were unexpected miracles.

I realize I must try harder to get pregnant and be more careful this time. Please, just one more healthy baby. Please don't give up hope ladies. Praying for all of us who had gone through this nightmare.

Ifelola Wed 29-Oct-14 21:02:50

I am 34 and we have been trying for 1 year and 1 month. This month at 4 weeks I was getting faint lines on pregnancy tests and my boobs were swollen and very sore. I felt very uncomfortable for a week, I couldn't sleep very well, felt very hot and also a dull ache in my pelvis (but lower than where cramps usually are). I also had to go to the loo more often than usual. Then at 5 weeks and 1 day, the morning I had booked to see the doctor, my period came. It was heavier than usual and very red. The doctor just told me to take another test and see, which I did and it came back negative. My period continued for three days as usual (although cramps were slightly worse than usual) and afterwards my boobs felt fine and everything is now back to normal. The doctor told me that this happens a lot and that its likely I miscarried, and when it happens some people don't even realise, they just think their period was late. Me and my hubby were really disappointed, we really thought it was going to happen for us this time. I don't know what to think about what happened. I don't know whether it was a miscarriage or a late period - my cycle is exactly 28 days without fail so a late period is unusual. I am sad but feel like it wasn't even enough time to warrant feeling sad. Everyone around me seems to be having trouble free pregnancies and falling pregnant without issue. We are going to continue ttc and go with the flow. I am trying to stay relaxed and not feel too anxious about it all, but its difficult because its on my mind alot.

Melalex32 Tue 14-Oct-14 23:38:07

Hi lady's ok here's my story I am 32 yrs old. And I have been trying for 16 yrs to have a baby. I never got pg with my late husband and we were together for 13yrs. Then final after being with my boyfriend for a yr we got pg but right away I started spotting so I went to the hospital and they said I was 2wks. They said my levels were 110 but they were also going up bc I went back the next day. So I never stop spotting and then it got heavier so I went to the midwife around 6wks and she also told me all was fine. But I new that all wasn't. So I got more blood work done and after I left I started bleeding a cramping but I thought it was normal. So yesterday at 8wks almost 9wks I was going back for an ultrasound to see my baby but all wasn't ok as soon as we walked in she told me I had A miscarriage that at 6wks my levels were only 34. But she told me there hopes as your very fertile after u have one. So that being said I pray that's there hope out there. Thanx for listening sorry it's so long. ����������

Toucanet Thu 04-Sep-14 00:59:39

irishpink do you have other pg symptoms? Like sore boobs, if so has that changed? My understanding is that brown = old blood & don't worry, but fresh bright red is worrying - if it's not heavy things might still be ok though? (Possibly just implantation bleeding)? I had something similar last time where some blood on wiping 2 days after bfp. But scan showed heartbeat at 5+5. (Though it later died at 9 wks). Last year I had a natural mc but it was v clear to me what was happening (some spotting in wk 10 but at 11+1 boobs deflated & heavy bleeding - kinda obvious). Fingers crossed for you it's just implantation spotting and it develops ok. Is there any chance you could get a scan to check?

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