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Early Miscarriage - 5-6 weeks. How much did you bleed?

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fettle Thu 28-Dec-06 20:04:26

Hi All
I found out I was pg 2 weeks ago, but 10 days ago I started spotting, which turned to red bleeding after 2 days. This red bleeding continued for 3 days, but never very heavy - didn't really need to change my protection all day except for obvious freshness reasons! (sorry TMI). Then continued spotting until a couple of days ago, so a week in total. Anyway, I have had a negative pg test now and although my GP tried to refer me for a scan to check all had gone, the EPU refused to see me, as I count as an early mc. Having had a missed mc at 9 weeks back in Feb of this year, for which I had to have 2 ERCPs, I'm obviously a bit concerned that I haven't bled enough.
I would have thought that I would have expected at least a normal AF amount, if not heavier, but certainly not lighter! Especially as this cycle I conceived on was 56 days long.
Hope someone can reassure me from their experience that a BFN means that it should all be over and we can start trying again.

Thank you!

kittyschristmascrackers Thu 28-Dec-06 20:23:21

HI Fettle, so sorry for your loss .
I have have had a number of miscarriages and I have found as a rule that the bleeding comes and goes.
I know that for some people it is over and done with quickly. My doctor once said to me that it should be over in 2 weeks, but in my experience this has never been the case.
I have never had an infection btw. I have found that many of them have been quite light bleeding on and off for a couple of weeks, then they sometimes have stopped altogether only to start up a few days later with heavy bleeding and clots.
This might be what is happening with you. If you feel alright in youself then it looks like you don't have infection and your body is passing everything ok just not as quickly as you would like and t can be frustrating I know.
I suspect that there is still more stuff to come though.
Good luck with everything and hope that you have a successful preg very soon

Mumpbump Thu 28-Dec-06 20:27:56

I had very light bleeding for about 4 days which was very different to the late m/c I had before which was really gory! I rang up the EPU for exactly the same reason as you and they said to do a pg test and call them back if it was still positive. It was negative so I guessed that meant everything had gone and I've now had my first af after the m/c. HTH.

BaileysMilkshake Thu 28-Dec-06 20:49:20

Hi Fettle, I have had 3 miscarriages:

9 weeks - 1 night of pain and bleeding for about 3 weeks
6 weeks, like a regular period - no pain at all.
10 weeks, 1 night of pain and about a week of bleeding. (it was later discovered that the foetus had died at 7 weeks hence less bleeding than when I M/C at 9 weeks).

Each time it has been a full M/C but I have also had a DD after the first and have just ha my DS after the third.

Cannot understand however why the EPAU wont see you . I am RH Neg Blood, but each tie they had to confirm it was a complete miscarriage and not ectopic. Ask your GP to refer you.

Hugs to you.

singersgirl Thu 28-Dec-06 21:04:27

7 weeks - heavy bleeding with clots for about 48 hours, with cramping and dragging and a feverish feeling, probably distress ):. Bleeding for about 10 days.

I ovulated almost immediately and had my first period after 4 weeks.

snowytyphoonsmum Thu 28-Dec-06 21:17:02

I m/c at 8 weeks and bleed v heavily for two weeks with clots and needed a blood transfusion and emergency theatre but that was a medical management gone wrong with retained products

Also m/c'd at 5-6 weeks and (the day b4 i went on holiday) The bleeding was just like a heavy period. About an hour of bad cramps as everything was passed but then nothing too bad. Managed to go on holiday and enjoy it as much as I could.

fettle Thu 28-Dec-06 22:22:39

Thank you all for your responses - I think you have reassured me! - as long as I don't start bleeding again even heavier. We are away this weekend for a wedding, so perhaps I ought to pack some stuff just in case!

Thank you again

take care all

leeft Wed 17-Sep-08 19:06:32

What can you say about being approximately 6 wks pregnant,started bleeding yesterday,had that night with bad cramps, and their is fairly heavy bleeding today , some clots not to big but slight very slight cramps.Im i miscarrying? Im trying to me positive because i was on fertility pills for 3 months and got pregnant for the first time and saying to my self that maybe there were twins and i lost one. So what do you think?

holly81 Wed 17-Sep-08 22:57:12

hello i also had a mc, at 6 weeks and thought the same that there should of been more blood than there was only had 2 days of it and was not very heavy and had no pain just a very dull ache i had a negative pregnancy test after this 2 but a scan also confirmed i had a mc have not lost anymore blood since then that was about 4 weeks ago and im still waiting for my period to come so we can start ttc again xx

RahRah1 Fri 19-Sep-08 08:02:51

Hi Fettle

Its me Rah... I had a M/C at 6 weeks too. Found out yesterday. By the time I got seen at the hospital all they could see on a scan was blood and stuff floating in the womb. I have suffered heavy bleeding and quick big losses. I have also had bad cramping, a bit like contractions.

I hope you are OK. I'm soooooo gutted its unreal as it the first time we concieved in just under 2yrs from losing our little one at 24 weeks. I feel a bit doomed!

Hope all is ok with you.. Lots of love XX

fettle Wed 22-Oct-08 22:38:42

Hi ladies who re-started this thread. I'm sorry to hear about your losses.

Just wanted to update and say that I had miscarried as suspected, but to give you some hope, I conceived about 14 days later, before my next AF arrived. My little DS was 1 a month ago - so there is hope ahead.

Wishing you all lots of love and luck.


PrincessButtercup Thu 23-Oct-08 18:44:21

Fettle - that is fantastic news! I hadn't seen this thread before but was just browsing for info as I have just miscarried at 5 weeks (all very straightforward) and want to ttc again straight away but v nervous about it. I've read a lot of sad stories (silly me for trawling miscarriage boards!). It's lovely to see a post MC success story. Thanks!

krys5050 Thu 19-Mar-09 12:05:26

i had mc @5 weeks. i have been bleeding a total of 3 1/2 weeks so far. the first 2 weeks i was passing clots and regular bleeding and the past 1 -1/2 weeks its been light. is this normal??? i recently lost my health insurance and im strapped for cash. .................

TayTay Tue 07-Jul-09 14:58:00

I found out im in the early stages of a failed pregnancy, But I dont know how much i should expect to bleed. At the moment its only been extremely light, maybe a little heavier than spotting. would I stop and start bleeding or would it just be constant. I misscarried before at 7 weeks and needed and ecrp. Im so confused as to what should be happening. x

horseymum Tue 18-Aug-09 14:02:09

hi, i've just had a miscarriage when i thought i was nearly 8 weeks, but although baby had heart beat on scan, they thought it was more like only 6 weeks. I would say I had light bleeding for 2 days, then heavy (change night time towel every hour) was in hospital with this, with tube in just in case of blood transfusion . Some large clots and material, which i felt being passed(i guess placenta, sac would have been very small at that stage, probably less than 10mm so didn't especially notice that) Just to let other folks know, as i wasn't prepared for quite so much. i also felt small contractions and mild labour type pains in my back (i have previously had 2 children so recognised these)

busybuzybee Tue 18-Aug-09 18:56:06

I miscarried at 5 and half weeks and although I had bad period pains I didn't bleed much. xx

Jules80 Sun 23-Aug-09 01:22:17

I have just suffered a missed miscarraige, 12th aug, started to bleed very light on 11 august - spotting. They said it was 7-8 weeks -

After they gave me the pill to reduce my hormones , i bled heavy with cramps on weds evening and thrusday morning. but bleeding went very light thursday on wards. I think i lost it all on weds and a bit on thursday that week. Only felt pain when things passed thru.

its 1.5 weeks later now and i have stopped bleeding with hardly any pain.

I feel lucky compared to some people who went through a lot of pain. With me - it just slipped away with little bleeding.

I too thought i would bleed for weeks like other women but its al stopped. Not sure when to expect a period tho or when we should try again tho they recomend 3 months>????

any ideas anyone?

katie1991 Mon 24-Aug-09 13:14:40

I miscarried yesterday at 6 weeks, only found out i was pregnant the day before, Cramping really badly then a lot of blood, and i think i passed my baby, bleeding died down over night and is settling into a light period, should i go to the doctor?

Jules80 Tue 25-Aug-09 11:05:54

Katie 1991-

Im sorry that you are having to go through this.

Please do go and see your Dr, and go to EPU- they need to check everything is ok with you inside. and hopefully they can give you a contact for a counsellor if you need one.

I hope you are ok .

My Bleeding slowed right down as soon as id miscarried.

defo go see your Dr is my advice.

ameliajayne Wed 09-Jun-10 08:00:10

hi everyone so sorry for you all, i miscarried yesterday think 5.5 weeks too, feels so unreal, story similar to horseymum, helps to know others have had similar experience, had no idea what to expect. started heavy cramps yesterday 11 am or so with bright red spotting, cramps and bleeding got worse throughout afternoon and evening. just before went to bed about 10.45 went to the loo and more bleeding i felt something pass last night which i too thought would have been placenta. going to drs today , i called epau yesterday they said speak to GP they do not see ladies less than 6 weeks as a rule. said if unwel or bleeding very heavy go to A&E. gp was shut and i thought as so early probably nothing A&E could do hence appt this morning. just hope that is everything passed. helps so much as i already am so lucky to have a dd to cuddle xx best wishes everyone I hope you never go though this again either

hairytriangle Wed 09-Jun-10 16:02:43

Hi sorry for your loss mc at five weeks three days bleeding.

Still tested positive two weeks later bled again for three weeks still positive after that and still bleeding.

Methotrexate to get rid of preg of unknown origin hcg now falling. But still bleeding ( less heavily)

hairytriangle Wed 09-Jun-10 16:02:44

Hi sorry for your loss mc at five weeks three days bleeding.

Still tested positive two weeks later bled again for three weeks still positive after that and still bleeding.

Methotrexate to get rid of preg of unknown origin hcg now falling. But still bleeding ( less heavily)

comet1 Tue 29-Jun-10 14:02:26

I had my 4th miscarraige on Sunday at 5.5 weeeks and I too have not experienced much bleeding or cramping, or many clots etc..... Today the bleeding is virtually gone and I feel like I am getting back to normal.

1st 2 miscarraiges (at 6 and 7 weeks) - D & C and bled heavily for about a week afterwards

3rd miscarraige - 9 weeks - very bad cramping and heavy bleeding for about a week and passed a very large clot the size of a lemon.

I had a daughter who is now 3 between miscarraige 1 & 2 so there is always hope, please don't worry x

Katyla Thu 26-Aug-10 22:52:17

Hi guys, first time on this site and just want to say how great it's been hearing all your stories (although my heart goes out to you all and great isn't really the right word if you know what I mean). I started bleeding yesterday at 5 +4 weeks and today the hosp called to say I'd lost the baby. The EPAU basically had nothing to offer in terms of help, advice or guidance so I'm relying on things like this for advice. think i'll go to docs in morning just for some advice tho. So i'm now in day 2 of light bleeding and starting to get some cramps, hoping it all passes through relativley quickly, there seems to be mixed stories about how long it may take. I already have a 14 month old boy who is keeping me going but I'm still devasted about my unborn babe and am going through a whole range of emotions. anyway, just wanted to share and say thanks to you all for your stories / help / advice. xxx

annielon40 Tue 07-Dec-10 12:49:45

Hi everyone,

hoping that somebody can reassure me, was six weeks, four days pregnant on sunday, that eve out of complete blue started bleeding lightly and had some lower abdominal pains, this carried on until mon lunchtime when it became slightly heavier, I passed a clot about the size of a prune, and straight away the bleeding lessened and pain disappeared. This morning i am hardly bleeding at all, I presume i have had a complete miscarriage but my last mc lasted for over two weeks. I really dont want to see the doctor as i know they will send me for a scan which i found so upsetting and clinical last time, so i would rather deal with it all at home with my family. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced or has heard of such a quick miscarriage? Not kidding myself that i could still be pregnant but find it strange that it was over so quickly xxx

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