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Skin irritations and odour (sorry TMI) since MMC

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AKP79 Thu 11-Feb-16 14:53:53

I had a missed miscarriage over Christmas. I took the medically managed route, but after three weeks discovered that it wasn't successful so I then had to have surgery.

Pregnancy tests are now negative and I am starting to feel more myself now, both emotionally and physically, but a weird thing has happened and I can only link it to the MMC and possibly hormones as this is the only change in my life??? Was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. Symptoms are:

- I have become incredibly itchy all over. I have a patch of eczema on my wrist and this has flared up really badly, but in addition my whole body is itchy and in particular my armpits, hairline and ears. Right now my ears are so itchy I could pull them off!!
- Odour and this one is embarrassing. I am convinced I smell! I am constantly showering and asking my other half who most of the time says I don't! I'm convinced my fanny (sorry) smells and I get BO really most days. I have never suffered from this. I don't think it's horrendous and judging by the husband test, I don't think it's detectable to others, but nonetheless, it wasn't the case before.

HELP!!! Am I alone? Do you think it's hormones???

Iwonderif Thu 11-Feb-16 15:04:09

Hi. Didn't want to read & run. So very sorry to read of your MMC. flowers

I would say that's possibly hormonal yes, especially the whole smelling side of things, your sense of smell can often become heightened I think at certain times of the month.

If there's nothing you can think of like the screamingly obvious changing of washing powder, shower gels, shampoo anything in your diet that could attribute to the excema then I would just see if it dies down of its own accord.

Plus you know to the outside world you don't pong as DH would have told you when you asked. Around certain times of the month I know my normal bodily odours smell differently/strongly especially down below.

If it continues see GP but I bet you'll get some reassurances on here before it comes to that.

AKP79 Thu 11-Feb-16 18:29:16

Thank you Iwonder... It's just so strange that it all coincides with the MMC. I haven't changed washing powder, got any new shower gels etc etc, I've been through everything in my head that it possibly could be.

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